At 48, Jennifer Garner has never looked better. And she hasn’t let coronavirus stop her from sticking to her rigorous exercise routine. In fact, it looks like she kept busy throughout the lockdown. The actress and mom of three apparently spent every morning of the COVID-19-quarantine engaging in online dance cardio classes.

And her hard work certainly seems to be paying off.

In a recent Instagram post, the actress shared a screenshot of her attending The Limit’s HIIT and cardio workouts. Along with Younger star Sutton Foster and teacher Beth Nicely. She calls the classes her ‘hardest, happiest workout of the week’.

“Every morning of quarantine,” she wrote, “I have subjected myself to the evil, wonderful ways of @thelimitfit. We have done mostly HIIT workouts, but occasionally, I get invited to the cool kids’ club and join Beth and Sutton Foster’s hour of dance cardio craziness.”

In the post, she invited her followers to sign up and join the group for their zoom Dance Party sessions that raise money for various charity organisations.

“Every Saturday these ladies take their show on the road for donation-only zoom Dance Parties (so far, they have given over $23,000(!!) to @colorofchange@grassrootslaw, ♥️ @savethechildren ♥️). TOMORROW at 10am est/7am pst I will be along for the ride and could use the moral support—please dance it out with us, I promise you will hate me and love me for inviting you! Sign up @thelimitfit. PS I take breaks, I don’t remember steps, but it is still the happiest, hardest workout of the week. XXX”

It’s okay to slow down – Jennifer Garner

The actress recently revealed to TODAY the most important thing she’s learnt in quarantine. It’s a drastic change many people probably have had to deal with during 2020. She says it’s accepting not having a packed schedule.

“Last year, I think I travelled almost every single week,” she told TODAY. “This year, I was already on a pretty good roll. And at first to have all of those things cancelled made me feel kind of panicked.”

But, she says, it’s all right to take it slower than usual. It’s okay to just be home. I’m grateful that we’re finding ways to connect remotely while we can still sleep in our own beds at night. I think there are a ton of really beautiful silver linings. And my kids were so busy as well, it’s nice to just be home and all be together.”
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How Jennifer Garner got her action-figure physique and super-sculpted arms

While genetics may contribute to her staying so youthful. Jennifer Garner definitely works hard to maintain her health and fitness. If she’s not training for a movie, she mixes up strength training and cardio between four and five days a week. When she was training for her main role in the Peppermint, she worked out for almost two hours a day, six days a week.

To get in the best shape we’ve seen her sport yet, she worked with celebrity trainer Simone de la Rue. Simone is the founder of Body by Simone. She trains stars like Reese Witherspoon, Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway and Sandra Bullock. Jennifer has worked with her for years, but things were a bit different for this role. De la Rue says for Peppermint, they needed to take it to the next level to build muscle for the role. And take it there they did. Three months of intense prep resulted in Jennifer’s enviable biceps and lithe physique. De la Rue told Women’s Health that they focused on lifting heavier weights, around 15 pounds. “We also did a lot of bodyweight work, and supplemented with my custom resistance bands.” Besides that, they did a lot of triceps extensions with weights and resistance bands, along with tricep dips.

Jennifer showed off some of their routines in the below Instagram video. Here, they engage in pushups, weight lifting, and ab exercises.

She had to learn to fight and handle a gun

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Jennifer said she had “the greatest fun” prepping for her action-movie role. Apparently, Krav Maga-style training was part of the process. Not only that, but her preparation included artillery training with Navy Seals. As well as stunt training with her double.

For cardio, Simone had Jennifer engage in Zumba-inspired freestyle dance workouts. After each workout, Jennifer apparently did some cryotherapy. This way. her muscles could recover optimally. In addition to treating sore muscles, this wave of wellness has been proven to have various health benefits. Cryotherapy involves spending around 3 minutes in freezing cold conditions. This might not sound very appealing. However, those who can brave the cold can enjoy improved circulation, weight loss benefits, radiant skin, and an immune boost.

Click on this link to find out how cryotherapy can help to improve symptoms of depression and enhance the quality of your sleep.

How she keeps her skin looking so young

Despite her age and usually jam-packed schedule, Jennifer always manages to look fresh and red-carpet-ready. She cites her skincare routine for keeping her skin plump and glowy. It looks like she keeps things pretty simple, but effective. A big supporter of one of the most important rules in skincare, she always makes sure to wash her face at the end of the day. “I honestly wear no makeup unless there’s a reason to,” she says, “but if I happen to have eye makeup on that day, I’ll remove all of it.”

Other items in her skincare arsenal include hyaluronic acid for a dewy effect. Sunscreen for protection and anti-ageing. And finally, retinol for exfoliation, minimized wrinkles and collagen production. “My biggest skincare struggle was definitely figuring out retinol,” she explains. “Being in my mid-40’s, retinol really is the most important product for anti-ageing.

And Jennifer’s perfectly correct. As we age, our skin develops different needs. Different active ingredients can help to keep skin healthy and address the problems that might be prevalent during that time. Click on this link to find out which ingredients are best for your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.


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