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At just 21, Tom Cruise slid into fame (and our hearts) in Risky Business. He has since claimed his position as Hollywood’s go-to action-man, having starred in over 20 iconic blockbuster action movies. Currently filming the 8th installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise in South Africa, the American actor is as active as ever at the age of 59. Cruise was even spotted piloting his helicopter into Limpopo, South Africa. Keep reading to find out how this maverick stays this active at nearly 60.


Mobility is Key:

One of Cruise’s standout elements as an actor is the fact that he has been executing the majority of his stunts throughout his career. Whether he’s jumping off buildings or onto talk show hosts’ couches, Cruise’s mobility is beyond impressive.

Mobility and flexibility tend to be the first things that go out the window as we age. Workouts that keep the joints well-oiled are the key to maintaining youthful movement as one ages.

Variety is the Spice of Life:

We probably won’t be following Cruise’s lead in parachuting off a moving motorcycle as seen in Mission: Impossible 7, but there are still ways to incorporate the Top Gun star’s age-defying regimen into your lifestyle. He revealed some of his favorite, tamer, ways of working out in an interview with Men’s Health:

“Sea-kayaking, caving… fencing, treadmill, weights… rock-climbing, hiking… I jog… I do so many different activities.”

Cruise’s Diet:

Cruise also follows a highly specific diet to stay in tiptop shape for his roles: grilled everything, little to no carbs, and low calorie. Although we do agree with grilling being one of the healthiest cooking methods, we recommend doing your research before jumping on board with this diet.

Diet Danger: Low Calorie

Low-calorie diets often cause more damage than good. Low-calorie diets can cause nutrient deficiencies, reduced fertility, lowered immunity, and a higher risk of developing an eating disorder. We recommend chatting to your doctor or a nutritionist about the number of calories you consume for your lifestyle and goals. Remember: your body needs fuel to function!

Be Carb Clever:

Furthermore, carbohydrates are an essential macronutrient, according to the World Health Organization, as they provide the body with energy. Of course, some carbs are better for you than others, and everyone’s optimal carb intake is different. Rather than promoting a singular diet, we advise you to do your research and again, chat with your doctor about what is best for you.

All Aboard the Skincare Cruise:


Although Tom Cruise’s body looks incredible at 59, his anti-aging tricks aren’t limited to diet & fitness. Recently. The Jack Reacher actor’s skincare routine has been revealed, and now we get how his heartthrob looks haven’t faded in the slightest.

This rigorous routine takes 30 minutes to complete! Cruise will even wake up as early as 4 a.m. to ensure he has time for this routine on busy days. An inside source revealed his regimen:

“He starts by plunging his face into ice water for a full 60 seconds. Then he double cleanses and applies toner, face serum, eye serum, eye cream, face moisturizer, and neck cream.”

The source further stated that he utilizes a variety of skincare gadgets, such as an LED light face mask.

“Tom also loves other noninvasive treatments like microneedling to build collagen, plus laser treatments to tighten his skin.”

Scientology Speculations:

Cruise has been in Hollywood’s spotlight for nearly 40 years, so, unsurprisingly, the actor values his privacy. There is a lot of speculation regarding the Valkyrie actor’s anti-aging secrets, but few have been confirmed to be true. Some of the more plausible theories have linked his youthful appearance to his involvement in the church of Scientology.

Not Your Average Detox:


Followers of this religion undergo what is called the Purification Rundown, also known as Purif, or the Hubbard Method, after the founder of the religion, L. Ron Hubbard. This controversial detox is meant to cleanse the church’s followers of toxins using a vitamin cocktail, but it’s certainly not your regular green juice.

The main ingredient is large doses of niacin, starting at 100mg, and working your way up to 5000mg. Just for context, doctors typically recommend about 15mg. Hubbard claims that these large doses prevent radiation sickness, but typical reactions include dizziness, headaches, fever, and skin irritation. Hubbard states that these reactions are proof of toxins leaving the body

Salt and Sweat:

To further encourage the release of “poisons” from the body, participants have to drink a blend of vegetable oils, as well as a mixture of salt, potassium, and water. The oils are meant to replenish fatty tissues within the body. The salty drink prevents dehydration. This comes in handy when participants are also made to spend up to 5 hours a day in a sauna to sweat out the remaining toxins.

 As we said, Cruise is big on privacy, so whether or not he utilizes Purif is not confirmed. However, Scientology and its practices are often strict. Maybe Purif is Cruise’s fountain of youth…



While we don’t see ourselves chugging niacin anytime soon, Tom Cruise looks great for his age, and his physical abilities are beyond impressive. Whatever he’s doing is clearly working for him, as he continues his daredevil stunts even pushing 60.


Althea Van Rensburg

Althea is completing her degree at university. In between she is a writer for Longevity Live. She also models and is passionate about all things fitness, from ballet to boxing, and can usually be found either on a run or at the gym. In her free time, Althea enjoys reading, baking, singing, and playing with her cats. Her most prized possessions would be her entire wardrobe, and her two pet snakes, Wynona and Woozi.

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