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We Tried It

This month, our Longevity Team has tested a range of summer vacation goodies, giving you feedback on their experiences, so that you can make a informed choice.

Product: Caribbean Tan

Picture this: panoramic views of the turquoise ocean, exotic beaches, white sand, cocktail-in-hand and a gorgeous tan. While you may not be in the Caribbean, Caribbean Tan can definitely make you look like you are. Whether it’s for a hot night out, preparation for summer, or just an all-round beautiful glow that you’re after, they’ve got you covered.
With 4 different self-tan application methods, 3 shades, pre and post tan products and a sun protection range, they’ve got lots for you to choose from.

First step to looking like you’ve been island hopping? An exfoliator! Their Cinnamon & Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfoliator ensures that you start your tan with a perfectly primed skin.

Next you’ll choose your tan – If you’re looking for an instant glow, their Tan In A Can Instant (a fine tanning spray with instant colour) or Spritzer (original salon-inspired liquid formula) is what you should go for. Perfect for beginners, you’ll be able to see exactly where the product has been applied. No streaky patches!

If you prefer a gradual tan, their Tan In A Can Gradual (a clear aerosol application) or Bronzing Mousse (super lightweight and easy to apply) are the best options for you. For touch-ups, try their Tanning Wipes.

Lastly, you want to nourish your skin – their Milk & Honey Hydrating Body Butter will prolong your tan and keep you moisturised. If you want a subtle sparkle, go for their Tinted Skin Glow Shimmer.
While they’re not only good at tanning, they’re also good at protecting. Hello SPF! Their Sun Protection range includes a clear aerosol Protection In A Can SPF 15 / SPF 30, a Bronzing Milk (to tan and protect at the same time) and a Bronzing Facial Moisturise

caribbean tan

Our Verdict

Jess Fairman

Longevity Sales

I have always cringed at the thought of using any “self-tanning” creams or sprays , for obvious reasons ; appearing orange instead of brown , Streaking & Blotching and of course that distinct smell of self-tan you can pick up from a mile away!

With December coming up I figured I would somehow have to get some colour on this pale skin of mine, normal sun tanning or sun bedding just not being an option for obvious health reasons and tanning pills also just didn’t appeal to me as a safe and healthy alternative.

A colleague of mine suggested I try Caribbean Tan, it’s a professional self-tan range that can be applied in the comfort of your own home. Being very apprehensive of this idea I figured there would be no harm done in trying.

I first used the Skin Smoothing exfoliator, this cleanses and prepares the skin for the tanning agent, it smells amazing and feels great on the skin – I have started using this as my weekly exfoliant , I love it !

I then followed by applying the Caribbean tan Spritzer , it feels as light as a feather on the skin and blended in perfectly , no blotches , no streaks!!   This now one of my must have beauty products, I apply my Caribbean Tan once a week for a healthy glowing look . Its 100% safe to use, and best of all – no smell!!

So it’s safe to say my fear of Self-tanning products is now something of the past.


Susan Newham

Longevity Design and illustration

Caribbean Tan – Bronzing Mouse

As someone who is a fan of the great outdoors, I often have quite interesting tan lines that are extremely hard to get rid of. From socks to shirts tans, I tend to get them all. As someone who also doesn’t go naturally brown but rather an interesting shade of red that gradually turns brown, it can be very difficult to get the even tan I want. The Caribbean Tan Bronzing Mousse has really helped me to even out my tan lines and to be ready for summer. Knowing I have an all over even tan really helps with the self-confidence during the summer holidays.

The lotion is exceptionally easy to apply and has a very pleasant smel,l so keeping it on to get the perfect even tan is very easy. I’ve been showing off my new tan for the past 5 days with no sign of fading. Knowing it will stay on for at least 2 weeks makes it easier for me to schedule my tan around my holiday.  This is a product I would happily recommend to anyone who wants to have the perfect sun kissed body but is either too busy or wary of the sun’s rays.

Fay Graham-Parker

Longevity Sales and Admin Manager

At first I must admit I was a little skeptical about using an instant tanning product.  The last time I used one, I remember turning into a horrible blotchy orange colour.

I was pleasantly surprised when using the Caribbean Tan

Instant Tan in a Can for fair/white skins. It had no scent and was easily applied.  The aerosol application ensured an even application and was a very quick way of achieving a natural looking all-over-tan with very little effort.  The bronzing effect is instant so that you can control how much you use and it dries within a few minutes.

I also had definite white “strap marks” from wearing strappy tops.  I applied the instant “tan in a can” onto these and was amazed at how the colour blended in with my own tan.  This is the ideal product to use if you need to have a quick solution at evening out your tan for a strapless dress.

After just 3 applications you could definitely see the difference.  In fact I bumped into a friend who asked me if I had just been on holiday.  It looks completely natural.

I have also tried using the SPF 15 bronzing milk.  I found the colour much deeper in this one and although it was quickly absorbed into the skin, feel that it didn’t go on as smoothly and evenly as the tan in the can did. Although this product gives you an instant bronzed skin, it also provides protection from the harmful effects of the sun.   It also comes in a SPF 20, which I think would be better suited to my skin.

The sun is so incredibly harsh and almost dangerous to be in that I think the perfect solution would be to use Caribbean Tan for an instant tan but then protect your skin with high SPF 30-40 for extra protection.

At least I won’t arrive at the beach this year, looking like I’ve just arrived from the UK.

Louise Birkner

Business Manager

On my way to gym I have to walk past the local solarium; the traffic has increased three fold in the first week of spring. A multitude of woman , like bees to honey , stream in and out of the solarium in search of that quick “bronzed” look to make the seamless transition from winter to summer. Envious of their transformation, I remind myself of a friend of mine that at 40 lost her life to skin cancer, a small mole that appeared and changed her life forever….into death. All of a sudden the envy turns into empathy and concern for these bronzed beauties.

Don’t despair there is a quick fix, which is by far safer and healthier way of transforming my winter body from “poorly pale” to “perfectly bronzed”, the secret I will share with you. My pack of Caribbean Tan, Mitt with exfoliation scrub sits on my bathroom counter for more than a day before I excitedly unwrap and with mixed emotions.  I imagine the days at school a tedious process of applying the sticky solution and creating havoc in my perfectly white bathroom which left my body full of nasty orange and brown streaks that resembled an ally tabby cat!

The instructions are simple and I almost think I have missed something. Step 1 choose the color of the tan, step 2. exfoliate, step 3. apply. The scent of the scrub throws me back immediately to a time when I was working as a nanny and fortunate enough to travel to Barbados with the family on vacation. It triggers the thought of palm trees, coconuts and delicious cocktails on the beach. Heaven! The texture of the exfoliation scrub is ticklish on my skin but luxurious at the same time. I start from neck to toe working around the body ensuring every bit is exfoliated including under the armpits a place we often forget and which is a sure telltale sign of a home application. Stepping under the warm water the scrub glides of my body and what is left is a silky, soft and sensuous skin. I am immediately converted by the scrub promising myself to do this weekly!

The spritzer and mitt are the next step, I start systematically from the toes right up to the décolleté and under my neck and the hard to get to areas like ones back….well,  that’s what the husband is there for thankfully! Quick, no mess, no fuss 20 minutes later I do a quick self examination and voila…my look is transformed to an evenly bronzed, healthy look and all of a sudden my body looks more toned and my confidence to step out in my summer dresses is increased. I am sold, this product is my “go to” for the summer look and I am comforted by the fact that I will never have to put my skin at risk of skin cancer by visiting the solarium, spending unnecessary money on sessions and waking up at 50 being transformed from a “bronzed goddess” to looking like “old leathery lady”!

Savannah Freemantle

Longevity Writer

This product is great! When I first received it I was hesitant to try it. I couldn’t seem to shake the image of a carrot-orange colour tan; it’s the kind of thought that, for me, goes naturally hand in hand with spray on tan. However, the results produced by this product couldn’t be further from that stereotype. I had the fortune of using the Caribbean Gradual Tan in a Can for fair skin which, ov
er the period of eight hours, evened out my skin complexion and caused the gradual onset of a light brown tinge.

The range comes with different sprays depending on what your base skin colour is; fair, medium or dark. This allows you to pick the correct colour for you and to ensure that you will end up with the most flattering result. The liquid appears completely clear on your skin and I did not experience it rubbing off on any of my clothes or leaving any stains. It also produces a slightly glowing effect, making your skin look healthier and more vibrant.

I also used the SPF15 sun protection which was fantastic. I have never had a more easy to apply spray-on sunscreen. It also didn’t leave me with shiny/oily looking skin after application which is a big bonus as I use sunscreen on my skin everyday and this is an unfortunate side effect that I have had to come to accept. Now though, I thankfully have a solution and will definitely be switching to this product going forward.

Charlene Dickson

Longevity Sales

Bronzing Mousse – A, for fair / white

At last, a self-tanning lotion that allows me to choose a tone that works with my natural colouring. I have a complexion that can only be described as luminous white, and most self-tanning lotions are either too dark or too orange to look natural. Don’t even get me started on the smell that’s a dead giveaway….

Because it’s a mousse it is light and almost glided onto my skin. No streaks and blotches!  It also took much less time than I’m used to. I decided to use disposable gloves, as I have memories of embarrassing, tell-tale orange all over the palms of my hands. I got rid of the gloves to do the tops of my hands and found that I was able to rinse the product off my fingers with ease – no stains.

You will have to plan in advance because the tan takes eight hours to develop fully. Don’t shower during that time, and don’t apply it twenty minutes before hitting the beach – you will still be a lighter shade of pale. However, the application dries in around three minutes, so you won’t be staining that expensive swimming costume.

And no-one appears to have guessed my secret. Even my best friend asked if I’d taken up tanning as a pastime.

And the best part? Before you venture outside there’s the sun protection and tan enhancing spray. It has an SP of 15 and protects against UV-A and UV-B rays. In other words, you can enjoy being outdoors in your new tan without burning to a crisp.





Guest Writer

This post has been curated by a Longevity Live editor for the website.

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