Since my teenage years, my locks have experienced something of an identity crisis. Seriously, after I’ve washed it, some sections dry out straight as a poker, while others have a definite wave going on. In addition, none of it is arranged in any sort of order. It can also be dry and unmanageable, and if I’m having a bad hair day, it’s lackluster.

Everyone has different concerns, and often the products or treatments that are available don’t cater for your specific needs. Due to a growing awareness of on-trend technologies, as well as increased brand collaborations with influencers and bloggers, there is now a need for professional products that can provide fully personalized solutions. BC Fibre Clinix answers this need with a totally customisable salon exclusive regime that targets all hair types. According to Schwarzkopf, this treatment is the result of 10 years of research, 4 different PhDs, and 4 patents.

What does the hair treatment entail?

Step 1

Upon arrival, I was met by Die Michelle, an educator for Schwarzkopf, who ushered me through to the wash basin. Here, my mane was washed and massaged with the BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Shampoo. This gentle cleansing shampoo prepared the structure of my mane for a personalized treatment that is to follow. Paired with the C21 technology within BC Fibre Clinix, the treatment works to create an in-depth restructuration by forging 3-dimensional bonds inside the hair fibre. In addition, it is designed to seal the porosity of my tresses by replacing all 21 proteo-lipids in the cuticle.

Michelle explained to me that the BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment is mixed with a choice of two BC Fibre Clinix Boosters that connect the inner hair bond for improved resilience and strength, whilst the outer hair structure is sealed for better manageability and shine.

Depending on your needs, your therapist will choose from the following boosters:

  • BC Fibre Clinix Peptide Repair Rescue Booster for Damaged Hair
  • BC Fibre Clinix Hyaluronic Moisture Booster for normal to dry/curly hair
  • BC Fibre Clinix PH 4.5 Color Booster for colored hair
  • BC Fibre Clinix Collagen Volume Booster for fine hair
  • BC Fibre Clinix Keratin Smooth Booster for unmanageable hair

Step 2 hair | Longevity LIVE

After taking me back to the chair, Michelle started adding the Hyaluronic Moisture and the pH 4.4 Color boosters to the Tribond Treatment. Then she applied the mixture to my tresses in sections, much like you would apply hair color. The treatment stayed on for about 15 minutes while Michelle and I drank coffee and discussed her abject aversion to dental appointments.

Step 3

Back to the washbasin, where the treatment was rinsed off. Touching my wet locks, I was surprised by the soft, smooth feeling, and there were fewer tangles than when I usually wash it. Michelle then blow-dried my mane, which had noticeably more shine, was easier to manage and felt like silk.

The effects of the treatment are supposed to last approximately 60 days, and with the right post-treatment habits, it did.


Johane du Toit

Johane du Toit

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