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We are entering a generation where individuals want to know that they’re getting more value with the scents they choose to buy, and that it’s personalised in some way. And with some of the releases we’ve seen recently, it seems fragrance houses are embracing these new consumer demand in a big way. Here are some of the exciting fragrance trends we predict for 2019:

1. Need for green


Not only are individuals looking for fragrances with fresher constructs that have a more natural feel, but there is also a demand for scents that are eco-friendly and have a social message behind them. The desire to choose fragrances with botanical or light floral notes shows an underlying desire to grow and connect with the essentials, and lead a healthier life overall.

2. Personalization is key

Fragrance triggers memory and emotion, and can either boost your energy or soothe it. Overall, any scent you choose becomes sentimental. For this reason, more artisinal fragrance shops are opening, offering you the opportunity to make a personalised perfume that suits and works for you, instead of buying a celebrity fragrance.

3. Scents of taste

Is it tasty enough to eat? This trend, long part of lip balms and lotions, is gaining popularity with scents (and the variety of scents offered has been cranked up a notch). Consumers are looking for fragrances that have coffee or dark chocolate notes which up the contrast between sweet and spicy.

4. Going gender-neutral

Consumers are looking for fragrances that suit their personalities and trigger emotion, rather than those based purely on gender. This has opened a gap for gender-neutral scents, and the concept is becoming increasingly popular. It’s all about simplicity, so both the packaging and the scents embody minimalist and androgynous traits that can be liked and used by everyone. Case in point, Michelle Pfeiffer just launched her own line of clean perfume.

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Marina Wildt

Marina Wildt is the Beauty & Fitness Editor at Longevity Magazine. She has a keen focus on the science behind beauty and aspires to always bring the latest innovations in these fields to the public and put forward reliable and trustworthy advice. In her spare time she likes to cook, do yoga and travel wherever she can.

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