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The quest for flawless skin shows no signs of slowing down as we head into the new year. This is backed by a growing trend of people wanting to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the constantly evolving skincare industry in the hopes of perfecting their routines. However, not all trends are what they are made out to be.

My biggest skincare predictions for 2023 

Bakuchiol may gain popularity

Many people proceed with caution when it comes to incorporating retinol into their skincare routine as it may lead to irritation. This is where bakuchiol enters the chat. Bakuchiol can be seen as the natural alternative to retinol, which took the spotlight this year. 

Bakuchiol is a powerful plant-based ingredient that is suitable for those who have sensitive skin. It also has anti-aging properties.

When incorporating bakuchiol into your routine, I suggest that you don’t use it with products that include Glycolic Acid, as it might have an impact on the potency of the product. 

My product suggestions: 

Ceramides and niacinamides will be the hero ingredients 

You will be hearing a lot more about the skincare ingredients ceramides and niacinamides in 2023. The two ingredients have been in the spotlight, with TikTok skinfluencers raving about how these ingredients have transformed their complexion.

Both ceramide and niacinamide help the skin create a barrier that will prevent moisture from being lost, keeping the skin hydrated. These are multi-tasking ingredients. 

My product suggestions: 

Sustainable skincare

Sustainability is a trend that will be gaining popularity and will stay top of mind throughout the years, as consumers are more aware of the environment and what effect their choices have on the surrounding planet. 


Photo by Giulia Freitas from Pexels

The demand for sustainable products is growing. We are speaking to an audience that is more switched on when it comes to sustainability.

When shopping for sustainable skincare, haircare, and makeup, the key things to consider are checking if the ingredients are sustainably sourced and safe for your skin and if the packaging is also plastic free or recycled. 

My sustainable brand suggestions:

Skinimalism will become the norm 

As we move away from the pandemic and our lives become increasingly busier, many are looking for simple skincare routines.

With the rise of TikTok over the past two years, there has been an overwhelming amount of skincare tips and trends making the rounds. Often people can’t keep up with the latest products claiming to work miracles. I sense that more people will gravitate towards a minimalist skincare routine, opting for products that are multitaskers.

By using key products to tackle your skin concerns, you will be taking a tailored approach and saving money. 

My product suggestions: 

Trends to avoid

As for skincare trends, to stay clear of going into the new year, I would advise staying away from popular skincare trends such as:

  • skin icing
  • slugging
  • at-home needling your serums into the skin
  • toothpaste on breakouts and spots
  • DIY face masks

Want to know more?

The new year is always an exciting time that symbolizes a fresh start. As we prepare to say goodbye to the year and welcome 2023, a new year is a good time for a change. Whether it is transforming your skin or adding new products to your skin regime, I delve into how you can take your skincare regime to the next level.


Dr Alek Nikolic

Dr Alek Nikolic is a renowned specialist in aesthetic medicine and is at the forefront of the latest developments in his field. With a focus on skin care, skin ingredients and cosmetic dermatology treatments such as lasers, chemical peels, Botox, and Dermal Fillers, he has performed over 20 000 procedures to date and is responsible for training many medical practitioners both locally and internationally. After receiving his MBBCh from the University of the Witwatersrand (1992) he went on to do an MBA at University of Cape Town (2000). With over 24 year in private practice, he has lectured and performed live demonstrations across the globe, including Bangkok, Rome, Paris, Monte Carlo, Prague, and Warsaw.  Some of his achievements include: Owner of Aesthetic Facial Enhancement Owner of online skincare store, com. Founding member of the South African Allergan Medical Aesthetic Academy Advisor to Allergan Local Country Mentor in Facial Aesthetics   Vice President of the Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine Society of South Africa(AAMSSA) Associate Member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery(ASLMS).

The content in this editorial is for general information only and is not intended to provide medical or other professional advice. For more information on your medical condition and treatment options, speak to your healthcare professional.

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