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Toni Carroll

Toni Carroll is the CEO and founder of the luxury nutricosmetic brand, My Beauty Luv. Back in 2014, she started one of the very first online professional haircare stores in South Africa. The store, 'Hair Today Hair Tomorrow', was started with the aim of providing quality, professional-grade products to the growing online shopping community. After a few years of bringing salon-quality brands to the public, the astute businesswoman recognized a gap in the market: the need for a holistic approach to hair health. With this in mind, she began introducing ingestible health products to her platform. This was the catalyst for her journey into researching the ingredients contained within beauty products, which ultimately led to Carroll’s foray into biohacking. This has been dubbed do-it-yourself biology and is geared towards improving performance, health, and well-being through strategic interventions. Fast-forward to 2022 where today, under the My Beauty Luv brand, Carroll produces a range of professional-grade beauty supplements that target the most sought-after areas of wellness: anti-aging, longevity, and vitality. “I believe that, despite the myriad of external factors influencing the way we look and feel, what we can control is what we put into our bodies and the answer lies in nature.”