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Nicole Sherwin

Nicole Sherwin is passionate about the environment, wellness, and social responsibility with a strong belief in animal rights and beauty without cruelty. She worked in Los Angeles for six years, where she created a non-profit event and Expo THE GREEN LOUNGE EXPERIENCE, interviewing celebrities about their healthy lifestyles, the charities they support, and their health and skincare regimens. After returning to Cape Town in 2010, Nicole joined Simply Green magazine as their editor. She was then invited to join the team as a DIY eco expert on a morning show.Β  Two years and over 80 natural formulas later, Nicole became known as β€˜Eco-Diva’. With requests from viewers to turn her DIY formulas into products, she set about finding an eco-certified laboratory in Cape Town. Fifteen of her recipes have been trialed, tested, and perfected to make up Eco Diva Natural. At Eco Diva Natural you can rest assured that there are zero toxic ingredients ever used in the range, only helpful, nourishing, nutritious superfoods that allow your skin to heal and repair every day.