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Dr. Marshall Murdoch

Dr. Marshall Murdoch is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Private Practice. His practice is located at the Knysna Advanced Healthcare Medical Centre, a modern day-hospital in the beautiful Southern Cape town of Knysna. In addition, he is one of the Local Country Mentors for Facial Aesthetics. As part of the Allergan Medical Institute, he does local and international training on Juvederm fillers and Botox® on behalf of Allergan. He completed a Bachelor of Science in physiology and human biology at the University of the Witwatersrand. He then completed my basic medical training, also at the University of the Witwatersrand. His General surgical training was at Johannesburg Hospital. My Plastic Surgery Training at Baragwanath Hospital. He completed the fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery from the College of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA) in 2007. He was formerly a consultant Plastic Surgeon at Johannesburg Hospital and ran the Hand Surgery service. He then embarked on a cosmetic surgery training program under the mentorship of Dr. Richard Halley-Stott. He has also been trained in the latest techniques of Botox® and Juvederm™ Fillers by some of the world’s leading practitioners. By regularly attending many local and international conferences, he continues to maintain and develop cutting-edge techniques and procedures. His present areas of interest are medical and surgical aesthetics, dermatological surgery, as well as medical education. Facial plastic surgery is his current key clinical focus. Primarily, he performs aesthetic surgery, as well as non-invasive aesthetic medicine procedures, including Botox® and Juvederm™ . He is particularly fascinated by the additive and synergistic effects of surgery and non-invasive procedures, a trend he has termed “The Gestalt Result“. He enjoys dermatological surgery and regularly performs reconstructions related to skin cancers, including melanoma. Finally, he undertakes a limited scope of hand surgery related to nerve reconstruction, soft tissue replacement, microsurgical reconstruction, and congenital problems. Although he is in full-time private practice, he remains passionate about medical education. He still conducts academic research to present at national congresses and courses. Contract research related to wound healing and tissue engineering is another avenue of interest. He is fascinated by the philosophical aspects of medical ethics and regularly present such lectures at national conferences as the designated CPD activity.

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