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“Having a personalized health plan today is pure logic,” says Ørjan Sæle, founder of Zinzino. Getting proof that it’s working should be too. He believes everyone deserves to have their money well spent and get the promised nutritional support they have paid for!

Omega is just one of many that can be tested

Zinzino’s database of dried blood spot test samples is currently the world’s largest. Each blood test is administered and analyzed anonymously by Vitas; an independent, GMP-certified chemical analysis contract lab.

Vitas is a world leading blood spot testing facility. The company has close to 30 years’ experience in providing high-quality, analytical services with cutting-edge technology. Today, their successful collaboration with Zinzino has resulted in one million performed BalanceTests.

How does the test work?

The blood test is analyzed by an independent and GMP-certified laboratory. The fact that Vitas is GMP-certified means that they follow good manufacturing practices. They are a contract laboratory for chemical analysis with 25 years of experience, providing high-quality chromatographic analysis based on cutting-edge knowledge and technology.

A focus on Omega efficiency

Included with the blood test is a BalanceTest ID that only you can see. Neither the lab, nor Zinzino knows who submitted the test. At your results will be displayed when you enter your BalanceTest ID. If you have completed the questionnaire, you will have access to the complete analysis. If you have not completed the questionnaire, you will see your balance score only.

The individual fatty acid profile acquired in the BalanceTest is the foundation of Zinzino’s nutrition strategy. Detailed readings on 11 fatty acid levels in the blood including six different health markers reveal whether you’re getting enough Omega-3s from your food or need to take fish oil supplements.

Knowledge is power and peace of mind

Zinzino then offers customized recommendations and guidelines on how to restore the body’s essential Omega-6:3 balance and move towards better health.

Insights about the state of the body is hard currency today, says Dag Bergheim Pettersen, CEO at Zinzino.

“Our dried blood spot tests are putting people in the driver’s seat of their own health and that is a game changer in our society. This achievement is a huge steppingstone for our future as pioneers within test-based nutrition. We empower people with the knowledge they need to change their health around and safeguard their future.”

Testing Omega-3 deficiency

6.3 billion people are currently living with an Omega-3 deficiency, The GBD (Global Burden of Disease) 2019 Disease, Injury, and Impairment Summaries, and most of them are unaware of their condition. That’s a critical situation, which may affect normal physical and mental functions related to heart, brain and eyes.

Using a test to validate proof of a supplement

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vitas has experienced a huge surge of inquiries from companies who want to integrate dried blood spot testing in their offer. However, according to Thomas Gundersen, CEO at Vitas, so far only Zinzino is using their blood spot testing services to validate the product.

“By asking their customers to get tested before and after starting on Zinzino’s personalized supplement routine, the company can offer proof in writing that the products are making a real difference in the body,” says Ørjan Sæle, founder of Zinzino.

Know the truth

Nobody puts the information from our blood spot samples into practice quite the way Zinzino does, says Thomas Gundersen.

“They have really cracked the code on how to make public use of the insights available in a single drop of blood. It contains more molecules than there are grains of sand in the Sahara Desert and Zinzino is truly making a dent in the universe here.”

Reaching one million BalanceTests is part of Zinzino’s strategic mission to move the needle from guess-based to test-based nutrition on a global scale.Ørjan Sæle, founder of Zinzino, believes that this historic milestone shows that modern society is at the beginning of a whole new era in personal health solutions based on self-awareness.

How a small drop of blood can help you live healthier

We all need to act now to live fuller, healthier lives. It’s a small drop of blood for a single person, but it’s really a quantum leap for human health, says Ørjan Sæle. We saw the writing on the wall in 2012 when we decided to integrate the BalanceTest with our supplements.

“In the near future, taking a dried blood test before changing your diet or exercise regime will go without saying. That’s just pure logic if you’re serious about your health,”  confirms founder of Zinzino. Ørjan Sæle.

Ørjan Sæle, founder of Zinzino.

Put your omega supplements to the test

Zinzino wants to raise the bar within the nutritional supplement industry, with a new level of consumer awareness. The company is challenging everyone to put their supplements to the test and find out how their bodies respond. For example, they say, 97% of Zinzino’s new customers’ Omega-3 levels fall short of the required level at the first dried blood test.

This despite the fact most of them are already on some sort of Omega supplement.   Fish oil needs powerful antioxidants to keep the fatty acids fresh and potent to have an effect in the body.

Closing comments

We are first to market in offering third party proof that our supplements are the real deal, says Ørjan Sæle.

“We’ve now got one million, independently analyzed, dried blood spot tests backing us up. It’s time for the world to follow suit. Test, don’t guess!”It’s not enough for us scientists to know the truth. We must apply the important knowledge and findings behind our research where it can make a difference, out in the real world.

Clearly, consumers should be assured that the supplements they are using actually do work.  Zinzino has taken the high ground with a novel testing strategy.  It makes sense then that other companies should have the courage of their own marketing convictions to submit their supplements to the test too.


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