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It is often said that growing old is not for the weak. There is a bit of humor and a bit of truth all wrapped up in those seven words. Yes, people slow down as they mark days off the calendar, but that does not have to mean coming to a complete stop. You can certainly continue to live life in the fast lane if you do it right. And there might not be anything better than enjoying the journey with a spouse, partner, or friend by your side.

Travel Keeps Life Fresh

Wellness Travel at SALT of PalmarThere are so many reasons to take a trip to another place with a friend. To start, when you approach it the correct way, even the planning can bring two people closer together. If cost is a concern for you, make the savings part of the fun. For example, create a “chores pot”, and whenever one of you beats the other to a household task, the one who fell behind has to put $10 toward your getaway.

Even if you don’t cohabitate, you can still have a little competition in choosing your ultimate destination. Write the best Greek Islands on a piece of paper and stick it in a balloon. Write another locale on the second piece of paper and put that in a different balloon. Throw a dart to see which balloon pops first, and then have a race to pack your bags.

Communication Carries You Through

Sometimes silence is good, but more often than not it pays to recognize the highs and lows of making it to a new decade. Regardless of whether you are thirty going on forty or sixty going on seventy, both of you will eventually blow out more candles. Take advantage of your trek away from home and talk about what is going on.

Once you remove the stresses of daily living, you may find it easier to unwind and share your thoughts. Listen to each other while you sit on the beach and make the effort to hear what you each have to say. If you are trying to take a break from heavy topics, then use your escape to delight in random bull sessions with a friend. Pick a topic out of a hat and see who can contribute the most information. You may learn something new.

Laughter Reminds You to Relax


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A deep belly heehaw may be just what the doctor ordered. Laughing is a major stress reliever and can benefit both your individual health and your collective relationship. When you let go of a chuckle, a chortle, or a cackle, you are relieving your body of unwanted strain and telling your insides to lighten up. If you can find humor in the mundane or in one another’s tales, then you can build memories that will continue to have positive associations in the future. If you do have some challenges to confront, your system may be equipped to handle them.

Surprises Never Cease to Amaze

One of the best parts about being a kid is finding eye-popping excitement around every corner. The joy of the tooth fairy is a wonder of childhood that is quickly forgotten, but the significance of an unexpected note or unanticipated gift cannot be overlooked.

Read stories about inspiring centenarians and make note of how they are empowered by the wonder of each day. The time you set aside to organize and execute the moment of marvel may be a reminder of all that is good. Maybe you could sneak out to a spot on your itinerary or preorder a special drink at a restaurant just to add a little awe to your outing.

Quiet is Truly a Blessing

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Do not underestimate the gift of sitting quietly next to someone. Wherever you find yourselves, stop and rest. Whether you and your friend are visiting an island or checking out a cultural highlight, pause and soak in the ambiance. It is never too late to forge more mental souvenirs that you can carry with you as one.

Being lucky enough to meet birthday after birthday is something to appreciate. Grab your favorite suitcase and the person who matters most and jump right into that bucket list. You’ve got nothing to lose but time.


Richard Clayton

Richard Clayton owns a gardening shop in Texas. He is an avid gardener and loves sharing his love of plants and flowers. In his spare time he is a freelance writer on health and wellness.

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