Having a newborn in your life is a life-turning moment. But when it comes to physical fitness, new moms require taking care of their physique. New moms should work out a little and jogging must be a go-to activity. It is great for both moms and the baby. When we go for a walk or jog in the early morning, we get to inhale the fresh air and all the goodness of nature allows us to be positive throughout the day. An early morning routine will make the mom as well as the baby active and healthy. Certain things that we need to remember are as follows.

Tips & Tricks to Jog with Your New Baby

The Baby Should Be Above Six Months

If you are planning to step out of your house, it’s a great thing. We don’t want to stay in our house. But if you are willing to include your new baby in your daily jogging routine, make sure that the baby is above six months. Usually, newborn babies sleep more than they are awake so, not to disturb their sleeping routine. Hence, we should wait for six months, let the baby grew bigger enough, and then you can take the baby along.

Take the Safety Measures

It is very important to check for the lock present in the front wheel in the stroller. Locking the first wheel of the stroller will help you to prevent any accidents or sudden fall or crash. So, go for the jogging strollers with the lock in the first wheel.

Prepare the Stroller According to the Weather Conditions

If you are taking your baby with you, do remember that you are the one who is warming up. Your baby is still in the stroller so he/she will not be warming up. So, prepare the stroller according to the weather conditions. You should protect the stroller with a shield if it’s winter or rainy season otherwise, you should opt for something cool if it is summer. You should keep water for yourself to prevent dehydration.

Strap Up the Child Very Carefully

It is very important to strap up the child. This will prevent your baby from falling out of the stroller. Also, what happens is that due to high speed, there is a risk of getting the baby’s finger stuck in the wheels. So, it is recommended to strap up the baby very carefully and do maintain the lower speed. You can go and search for a quality pram. You can find your favorite baby jogging strollers with great quality and colors.

Avoid Running in Traffic

plogging | longevity liveIt is better to avoid areas with traffic. Traffic is not good for health as we inhale a lot of harmful air in that type of environment. This is not good for the health of the mom as well as the baby. You should select the less crowded path; you can go to nearby parks, sidewalks, etc. Avoid going by car parking, this can prevent us from sudden accidents. Some people don’t look before taking out the car from parking, so it is better to prevent yourself and your baby. Also, there is a saying that “prevention is better than cure.” So, opt for ways that consist of minimal or no risks.

Avoid Running Hands-Free

Well, some people think that it is not good to take the stroller in hand and then run. However, this is the safest method you can go with your baby. Some people think of an alternative, what they do is they push the stroller a little and then run. This is considered the most dangerous method to go for. According to research, it is found that there are certain incidents where people push the stroller a little and due to this, the stroller crashes. The obstacles may be a stone, a dog, a cat, or anything else. So, you need to take care of your little one and always keep the handle of the stroller in your hand.

Be Patient, Don’t Be Disappointed by Your Performance

It has been observed that when we have a baby stroller, we should notice that we are lowering our speed. But the reality is when we are burning extra calories when we are handling the stroller. Hence, we should not disappoint with our performance. The results are better than what we expected. So, stay motivated, and keep on jogging with your new baby.

Don’t Ignore Your Baby While Jogging

If you are taking the baby with you, don’t ignore the baby. You must involve the child with you. You can play out a little with your baby in between jogging. Take a break and spend time while playing with the baby. If not, the toddler might get upset and start crying. So, it is our responsibility to make the baby comfortable in the stroller. Engage the baby with some talks and then you can have happy jogging hours.

Keep the Stroller in Control

While taking the stroller, you should keep the speed in control. You should never overdo the speed of the jogging stroller that you can’t handle. This is very risky for the baby. This can lead to certain accidents that are too harsh on the baby. So, it is highly recommended to watch out for the speed. Push from a little force and then maintain the speed of the stroller that you can handle. If you are not able to jog, then you can opt for walking. Either way, you are taking care of the baby.


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In conclusion, jogging is great for both mental and physical health. Taking your baby with you is another kind of joyous experience of life. However, we need to take care of certain things before starting jogging with our new baby. We can have a look at the above points for baby care while you are in your jogging routine.

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