Our eyes are like a TV or video screen which is connected to our body by the optic nerve. The nervous system projects important information onto it about what is happening all over our bodies. Changes in our iris patterns can be signs of stress, diabetes and high blood pressure. It can also be a sign of  a potential stroke, thyroid disorder, cancer or arthritis. As our health changes, so do our iris patterns and sclera.  This is where iridology and sclerology can make a big difference. Naturopath Dr. Isabella Van Niekerk explains.

What is Iridology?

Iridology is an alternative medicine technique. Its practitioners advocate the color, patterns and other characteristics of your iris.  The iris is  the colored portion of your eye. It can be examined to determine information about your inner systemic health.

It was invented as a diagnostic modality by Ignatz Peczely. He was a Hungarian physician who finally published his learning, insights and discoveries in 1893. By looking at the pattern of the iris, an iridologist can determine the underlying causes and factors which result in illness. Then he or she can proceed to recommend remedies, treatments, nutrients and lifestyle modifications. These treatments should ideally be non-toxic, non-chemical and non-habit-forming in nature to aid in the restoration of health.

Iridology affirms the uniqueness of the individual

It also affirms the power of each individual to manage his or her own health. Your iris color and patterns are unique. They belong only to you. The information your iris holds reflects your inner state of health. The information retrieved is in the context of your entire life. The iris reveals:

  • personality traits;
  • heredity;
  • constitution;
  • weaknesses;
  • strengths;
  • toxic accumulation; and
  • the emotional function of the system.

Using iridology to ascertain your constitutional type, how you proceed towards disease and how you heal provides valuable information for optimizing your health, wellness and well-being. Early signs of chronic disease can be recognized and reversed before incurable disease sets in.

Health diagnosis partner: sclerology

The word sclerology refers to the study of the hard, firm, fibrous, outer coat of your eye. This is known as the white of the eye, or the sclera. It also verifies and enhances data from iridology and other evaluation techniques. Such as reflexology, kinesiology, acupuncture and the study of meridians. The two work together to validate each other’s information.

But more than the study of the white part of the eye. Sclerology is a method of interpreting the red lines, coloration and markings in the sclera as they relate reflexively to your whole body’s health.

Helps reveal disease

“Whole body health” means the inter-working, mutual support, interrelatedness, cause-and-effect relationships, and ultimately the balance between:

  • The body’s biochemistry, physiology and structure;
  • The subtle bodies – namely, your emotions;
  • Your imagination;
  • The mind (causal mind, mental awareness, subconscious mind); and
  • The animating spirit (vital force), with its instinctive desire to preserve and protect life.

The sclera reveals many forms of disease, stresses, imbalances and energy blockages, wherever they originate. The characteristics of the red lines and markings that appear, disappear and reappear in the sclera are all signals of your state of health.

Real health is balance

Health is much more than the absence of disease. It is a dynamic, vital, balanced, slightly ecstatic and aware state of being. This results from a relaxed and harmonious functioning of all the “bodies” or levels of the individual.

Who is the author? iridology | Longevity LIVE

Dr Isabella van Niekerk is an iridologist at Rubicon Persona Clinic. She qualified as a Natural Practitioner in 2004 when she completed B.A.S.M. with the University of  Alternative Medicine in India, as well as M.D.(A.M.), Ph.D (A.M.)  Recently, she completed her Bachelors degree in Psychotherapy and Counseling. She also has her Bachelors in Hypnotherapy.  Dr. van Niekerk is registered with EPASA.  These studies qualified her to practice in all disciplines of Naturopathy and related therapies.

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