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A new premium, vegan magnetic lash launches in the US. You can now shop Lola’s Lashes across Neiman Marcus stores and online at Nordstrom from today!

Better lashes

Launched in 2019, Lola’s Lashes is already the UK’s leading magnetic eyelash and eyeliner brand, thanks to its fuss-free false lash system. Seeing a gap in the market for a new method that didn’t involve messy glue, fiddly application, and damage to natural lashes, Lola’s Lashes have been designed to offer instant glam whatever you’re doing. Making fabulous false lashes available to everyone, every day.

They have since launched their Flick & Stick 2-in-1 precision adhesive liners and strip lash line which has been a huge hit with consumers in the US.

Magnetic Lashes are  a win win

Lola’s Lashes Magnetic False Lash Kits ($50) have everything you need to get the perfect false lash application in 3 steps – simply line, feel the attraction as you add the lashes and then at the end of the day, use the first-ever magnetic liner cleansing balm to remove your liner.

Non-toxic magnetic lashes

Lola’s Lashes are a premium false eyelash brand dedicated to making non-toxic false lashes for absolutely everyone!

Using the power of magnets, Lola’s Lashes are the vegan lash brand making messy false lash application a thing of the past. Their fast-growing success has allowed the brand to expand from being an e-commerce business to launching in retailers and on e-tailers across the world.

You can now shop Lola’s Lashes online at Nordstrom and in 7 Neiman Marcus stores.

What makes Lola’s Lashes so special?

  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • 30+ wears
  • Quick and easy application, no clumps, no mess, no latex
  • Easy to remove and change styles
  • Styles available in both magnetic and strip lashes
  • Luxury and giftable packaging
  • Only magnetic lash brand to offer application and removal solution in one kit
  • Styles to suit everyone

The bottom line

Want lashes on the go? Lola’s Lashes have created the fastest way to apply your lashes with their Flick & Stick 2 in 1 Adhesive Eyeliner pen, the only lash application with zero dry time. Used with any strip lash, the Flick & Stick is the ultimate replacement for lash glue getting you lash ready in as little as 9 seconds!

Team your Flick & Stick Liner with a pair of their vegan strip lashes in Premium Synthetic Silk or UnReal Lash Technology, for the most mink-like vegan lash on the market.

Pricing guide

Magnetic Lash and Liner Kit $50
Flick & Stick Adhesive Liner $20
Strip Lashes $28

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