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With a year passed in lockdown, pandemic, the vaccination process has now been rolled out, and air travel seems more promising than ever. The upcoming days hold the potential to wash away the gloominess and reunite us with our loved ones. However, not everyone will be able to experience the magic.

You see, the constant threat posed by the coronavirus keeps us locked indoors for the greater good. The possibility that we might contract the virus is both likely and potentially deadly. Traveling to meet our beloved family, relatives, and friends is a daunting task that involves great risks.

Although a majority of people have opted to stay at home, some brave souls have found the courage to make it to their beloved family. Well, are you planning to visit your loved ones this year by air travel? Keep the below-stated tips in mind!

7 Tips To Consider Before Air Travel In 2021

Book Wisely

Perhaps the biggest and most important step in planning air travel during the coronavirus is booking. You must be vigilant in selecting an air travel company.

You need to check the country regulations with regard to presenting a coronavirus test and proof of being virus and symptom free.

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Check whether the firm is conducting flights on your desired days. Flights are fluctuating as countries change their lockdown status. Plus, look for available seats. With COVID-19, the flights take only a limited number of seats. You must make bookings quickly and wisely.

If the air companies are adjusting more passengers than they should, do not accept the seats. Although air travel is safer due to the ventilation, it is much better to travel in a car than a loaded plane.

Also, conduct thorough research before making a purchase. Compare the price lists of all available and appropriate airlines. Determine their pricing variations as per location and packages. You surely do not want to miss the group-trip or honeymoon discounts, whichever fits your case. Say you’re going on a luxurious Hawaii honeymoon, it is important to do detailed research about your destination, this will help you in opting for the best package that can help save your bucks for all the destination-fun.

Wear the Mask

Your biggest weapon against coronavirus is your mask. The layer of the mask forms a barrier between the contaminated air and mouth. According to studies, the N95 mask is the most effective mask to wear. However, wear any similar mask when N95 is not available.

Also, do not take it off at any time. Just remove it briefly for eating or drinking. Remember, coronavirus enters through the nose, mouth, and eyes!

Pack Essentials

When packing for the journey, do not forget to tag along with some healthy snacks and homemade meals. You see, no matter how much the airport food tempts you, it may be a carrier of the virus. So, it is wiser to avoid all types of outdoor foods. Instead, pack some nutritious homemade food for the flights as well as a stay at the airport.

Apart from this, add a tall bottle of good quality hand sanitizer to your luggage. Sanitizer eliminates 99-percent of germs, including the fatal virus. Hence, you will need to clean your hands after every interaction.

Stay Prepared for Testing

Once at the airport, you are likely to get tested multiple times for virus symptoms. The most common tests at airports include screening tests and temperature checkers. However, regardless of the type, keep yourself mentally prepared for a vigorous testing session.

Maintain the Distance

Airport or no airport, you have to maintain the standard 6-feet distance from others. Social distancing is an important measure in preventing the spread of the virus. You see, a distance less than 6-feet can increase the chances of the germ particles reaching your body. At several airports, authorities have taken social distancing measures by marking the floor and putting up stands. Remember to ensure social distancing throughout the air travel journey.

Choose E-methods

Fortunately, technology has proven to be of great help during the pandemic. During these bad times, technology has offered us methods to get all the tasks completed without requiring human interactions.

An amazing example is the usage of online payment services and applications that reduce the requirement of hand-to-hand contact. There are some airport apps that allow you to check in, make menu alterations, and even change seats.

Plus, self-service kiosks are also available at several airports that allow you to do all the tasks yourself. Hence, preventing the spread of the virus.

Quarantine Yourself

Once you have traveled to your destination, remember to quarantine yourself for a complete 14-days. This particular time span reveals any symptoms if you have Covid-19. If you encounter any sneezing or any other sign, do not avoid it. Immediately contact a medical specialist.

Also, with flu symptoms, prevent sitting under ceiling fans as well as air conditioners. It can dry your throat and affect your breathing. In quarantine, you must isolate yourself from others and stay in a confined space.

Final Thoughts

Sitting on an outdoor patio with the beautiful birds chirping in perfect harmony- who doesn’t love to cherish a nice day with friends and family. In present times, nothing can compete with a big hug and a sense of much fun. However, everything comes with pros and cons. And, to avail of this opportunity, you must travel by minimizing the risk of the coronavirus.


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