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Don’t all good things seem to come from Italy? An Italian-based fitness equipment manufacturer is holding nothing back when it comes to reinforcing its fitness solutions as a lifeline for preventative healthcare. Technogym offers a variety of equipment made to suit every individual and their fitness goals. Their mission is to spread the wellness lifestyle. ”Engaging in physical activity, correct nutrition and a positive mindset: the more people we inspire to make these a habit, the better the quality of life in the planet”. 

Technogym is moving from fitness to wellness

The history of Technogym started more than 30 years ago in the city of Cesena. ”It’s a story of perseverance, faith in innovation, and archetypical Italian passion for detail”.

In 1983 Nerio Alessandri together with his brother Pierluigi founded Technogym. Combining his passion for technology (TECHNO) and for sports (GYM). He designred and built his first machine in his garage at the age of 22, and just one year after being founded, Technogym developed and launched the Isotonic Line. The first full line for strength training.

In 1986 Unica was launched, the first product designed for domestic use. A complete gym that needs just one square meter, it soon became a status symbol and an Icon of Italian design worldwide.

From fitness to wellness

In 1993, Nerio Alessandri introduced the concept of wellness for the first time in history, sparking the change from an industry driven by self-indulgence towards physical exercise. Now as a source of health both for the body and the mind, technology has become the driver of a historic shift toward a conscious approach to movement.

The company achieved not only one but many ‘firsts’ in the exercise space. The company invented the first constant pulse rate system (CPR), where it’s the user’s heart rate that sets the intensity of the workout automatically.

It also introduced the first equipment for rehabilitation in its product range, opening up to a series of medical applications enhancing the recovery process. Thereafter, the wellness system was created as the first solution ever for managing training through a personal device, the TGS key allows you to activate equipment and keep track of users’ programs and training data.

Health is fitness through prescription

Technogym has been a partner of ACSM’s Exercise as Medicine initiative, which aims to make prescribing activity the norm, since 2010. Since the start of the pandemic, Technogym has been laying the groundwork to position exercise prescriptions at the heart of the health system. Health is Technogym’s fastest-growing sector and, having already partnered with 6K hospitals, CEO Nerio Alessandri envisions a future where “doctors will prescribe patients an hour of Technogym per day”.

Alessandri, who has financially supported activity-promoting organizations including US-based IHRSA and the UK’s UK active, believes health authorities will soon recognise exercise as medicine. Technogym’s ecosystem is evolving, from its personalized Biocircuit and Biostrength system to its genius Mywellness software.

‘Technogym Pushes Exercise as Medicine

Artificial Intelligence and Technogym

Artificial Intelligence has found its way into our lives in a few different ways, including how we may be exercising. As such, Technogym has incorporated artificial intelligence in ways that make perfect sense.

Stronger, faster, with artificial intelligence

With AI-powered apps, they deliver customized workouts that help you train smarter. For instance, connected fitness equipment allows for the luxury of working with a virtual trainer in the comfort of your own home or in the gym. Wherever you are, no human intervention is needed.

The Technogym app

Within the Technogym app, there’s a vast, regularly updated, on-demand library of workout videos. These include sport-specific programs, routines that focus on specific muscle groups or fitness goals, and trainer-led video lessons. Upon using the app for the first time, it prompts you to answer a series of questions from the Technogym Coach, Technogym App’s digital trainer, in a manner similar to how you would fill out a new client form with a personal trainer.

It starts with you selecting your motivation, goal, experience level, how much time you have to work out, and what equipment you have access to. The Technogym Coach then plans out a unique regimen called a Precision Program, catered to your needs.

There are also specialized programs for people looking to up their game in a specific sport, like golf, running, tennis, skiing, and cycling, or for those dealing with medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and lower back pain. Within individual workouts, you’ll be guided by a trainer who demonstrates each exercise and provides tips and motivation during the workout.

AI-powered exercise

AI, in combination with trainer expertise, creates a virtual environment that operates almost like working out with an instructor or coach in real life.

In addition, you can take those workouts anywhere you go with the Gym Setup and you can choose the equipment you use most at the gym, so the app knows what kind of movements to program. With your Technogym ID, you can connect your profile to any available Technogym equipment. When you’re synced up with a piece of Technogym equipment, it provides real-time feedback right on the machine or to the app to help you perform each rep at the ideal tempo and weight. The app will also offer bodyweight-only workouts if you have no equipment available.

Wellness beyond your workout

At the end of a workout session or class, the Technogym Coach provides a more holistic fitness experience. In addition to your daily workout, the Technogym Coach suggests meditation content and personalized nutrition tips according to your goals.

You can also listen to audio content on stress relief, sleep, relaxation, or motivation from the extensive library. A good night’s sleep, a well-balanced diet, and stress management each play important roles in helping you get the most out of each and every workout.

A new way forward

AI-powered apps take the guesswork out of training on your own. Instead of using videos or online programs designed to appeal to the masses, you are provided with a customized workout experience designed for your current fitness level. Additionally, having access to videos demonstrating proper form in real-time can help minimize the risk of injury that can come with exercising at home.

Exercise powered by AI appears to be a new way forward. We are all aware that apps and equipment aren’t free, but a one-time investment in a machine or a monthly subscription cost, not to mention the convenience of having personalized training in your own home, is worth the cost.

Using artificial intelligence within the fitness world may be the answer to providing individualized workouts.


Tamlyn Bingle

Tamlyn Bingle

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