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While the desire to look is ingrained in female DNA, historically men have been less inclined to focus on their appearance. But times are changing. The male aesthetics market might still be in its infancy, but it’s booming. More and more men are standing in line for minimally invasive procedures that require no downtime, and men are spending more time and money on their appearance than ever before. Some of the reasons cited for this are social media, the competitive job market, and the celebrity effect.

The best starting point for men (as for women) is a good skincare regime.

We usually pair high-quality home care products with organic treatments such as resurfacing peels, skin boosters, and PRP treatments. Although this is not the first thing men ask for when visiting us, this is the first thing we offer.

Statistics spanning a decade indicate that Botulinum toxin is still the most asked-for treatment. Although this treatment is mostly used for the resolution of activity lines, it has also gained traction, as an inhibitor of excessive sweating and headaches,  and it acts as a feel-good stimulant. On the flip side, it’s also an indicator that men are not too familiar with a host of other aesthetic options that can address their aging concerns.

In my practice, I package a male aesthetics combination of treatments as the Masculift

This entails a mid-face enhancement and widening of the jaw, plus a widening and projection of the chin. It’s a quick and effective treatment that requires minimum downtime, which is an important factor for most men.

Medical weight loss is the first step for men who want to get rid of their beer bellies. After that, we’ll move on to fat reduction (injection lipolysis) and skin tightening (radio frequency).

There are also innovative treatments available for skin tags, lumps, bumps, and varicose veins.

It’s important to visit a professional who is thoroughly trained in the field of male aesthetics, as the anatomies of men and women are different, and, correspondingly, the outcomes of aesthetic procedures will be different.

Who is the author?

Dr. Chris Giezing is an aesthetic medicine specialist and the founder of Aesthetic Lab.

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