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The poster-girl for pixie-cuts and washboard abs, Halle Berry is a certified bombshell. We think she might be aging backwards… With glowing skin and a rocking body, this 55-year-old actress has us working overtime to uncover the secrets to her timeless beauty. 

Skincare Since Sixteen:

Having started out doing pageants at the age of 17, Berry is no stranger to a rigorous beauty and lifestyle routine. Her carefully curated skincare regimen keeps her glowing.

“Skincare has been a big part of my regime since I was 16 years old. I do it twice a day religiously. I never miss a day,” Berry says in an IGTV video that goes into detail regarding her routine.

Halle Berry

The Full Routine:

She washes her face with a mild cleanser twice a day, for at least 30 seconds. Although the real magic lies in her scrubbing technique: upward circular motions all over the face, from the neck up.

This stimulates blood flow and encourages a lift in the facial muscles. Sometimes the actress follows up with an electric cleansing brush to really deep-clean into the pores. Berry then sloughs off any dead skin with a scrub to really brighten and soften the skin, before, quite literally, slapping on a hydrating mask.

Applying the product with gentle slaps and taps once again stimulates the facial blood flow. This helps tighten the skin, as well as allowing the product to better penetrate the skin. Berry rinses the mask with lukewarm water after 15 minutes, and then immediately applies a moisturizer with Lactic Acid as a key ingredient. This chemical exfoliant will continue to gently exfoliate the skin to allow the other moisturizing ingredients to really sink into the skin. 

The Monster’s Ball actress believes that good skin care is vital in the anti- and healthy-aging process: “This is gonna serve you well as the years go by.”

Body Goals:

From skintight catsuits to itty-bitty orange bikinis, this Bond-girl’s body has had our jaws on the floor throughout the years. Now playing an MMA-fighter in the 2020 Netflix film Bruised, Halle Berry is in better shape than ever at 55, and we are desperate to know-how. 

Halle Berry

Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting:

Having been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 22, a healthy diet has always been vital for the Emmy-winning actress. Berry has been following the Keto diet for over 30 years, and the star believes that it’s one of the major contributing factors to her youthful appearance. It also helped her lose weight after her pregnancies.

The Ketogenic Diet that Berry follows is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that encourages the body to burn fat rather than carbohydrates. Some of Berry’s favorite keto meals consist of a source of protein, such as chicken or steak over a large bed of dark greens, such as spinach or kale. The Hollywood actress also enjoys stew and bone broth, and snacks on keto-friendly berries such as strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Berry also frequently consumes “Bulletproof Coffee”, which is a combination of black coffee, MCT oil, and grass-fed, unsalted butter. The controversial drink supplements the actress’s high-fat diet, and prevents morning hunger, as Berry also practices Intermittent Fasting (IF). Which typically has her skipping breakfast as she follows the 16:8 bracket. This means that she fasts for 16 hours, and then consumes all of her meals during the remaining 8-hour window.

It does not restrict one’s food intake, it simply spaces it out; you still consume the same amount of food and nutritional value of normal day’s food intake, just in a specified time bracket. It has many benefits, but it is recommended to read up on the practice properly.

Halle Berry

Train Insane:

On top of her healthy diet, the Catwoman star is an absolute beast in the gym. Berry has always enjoyed being active and has tried and tested nearly every workout under the sun to find what works best for her body and her mind. Spoiler: it’s not running.

A standard (and often most-loathed) cardio workout for most people, Berry found herself dreading these workouts time and time again, and eventually decided to hang up the running shoes for workouts that stimulated her more.

 These include yoga, martial arts, weight training, and boxing, and allow her enough variation in her workouts to keep it fun, interesting, and most importantly, challenging. To prepare for her role as a disgraced MMA fighter in Bruised, Berry trained for four hours a day, with an emphasis on boxing, which she has now dubbed her “all-time favorite”: 

“You’ll sculpt every muscle and burn major calories and fat. It dramatically decreases stress levels, develops hand-eye coordination, and builds confidence and discipline. But most importantly… you’ll never stop learning. I’ve been boxing for the past 10 years and regularly for the past three years and I love that I always learn a new way to challenge myself and work new muscles.”

Healthy Mind:

Berry also practices acupuncture and has been undergoing therapy for over 30 years to relieve stress and keep those worry-wrinkles at bay. A healthy mind and a healthy body go hand-in-hand, and we think Halle Berry wins the aging game hands-down. 

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