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Beauty comes in many forms, and it goes beyond a product, a routine, or a face. It can be found anywhere, but its expression is yours to create. No masks, just makeup, no rules. Just you.

What’s your beauty truth?

Beauty begins with you. For our second event of the year, we wanted to align with a brand that is synonymous with confident beauty, and who makes makeup that enhances  – and doesn’t hide – your beauty. Since their founding nearly 30 years ago, Bobbi Brown has had this vision and lived it out in the way they operate. Besides, as a brand, we have always been serious about skincare that is natural and toxin-free. So does Bobbi Brown. Their products are completely free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and sulfites. Also, they are vegan-friendly and gluten-free, tested by dermatologists and non-acnegenic.

Leading up to our African Beauty Break and the makeup demo they will host with us, they’re sharing a few teaser makeup tips that you can use for a fresh, glowing and professional appearance.

beauty break | Longevity LIVE

Pick the right shade for your skin tone

Getting the right undertone and skin color correct foundation is really important. In fact, it is vital in order to achieve a polished, well-put-together look. However, this can be a tricky skill to master. This is also an area where many women feel left out. Often, it’s because women struggle to find a shade that fits them perfectly. Bobbi Brown has the privilege of carrying skincare, foundation and color line-ups that cater to a wide variety of skin tones and shades.

1. Test at least three shades that look closest to your skin tone.

Swipe them on the side of your face, from the top of the cheek to the jawline to account for the different tones in your face.

2. Check the swatches in natural light.

Then look for the one that disappears into your skin with minimal blending. Double-check this shade on your forehead. If it works there too, you’ve got a match.

3. Customize your coverage.

You can easily do this by layering two foundation formulas. Start with a liquid foundation for coverage all over the face. If you see any redness or unevenness showing through certain areas, go back and spot-apply a cream foundation using a foundation brush.

Customize your frame

Eyebrows tend to be that feature that women either spend lots of time on or ignore entirely. If you fall into the second category, it’s likely that you don’t quite understand the difference they can make to your face, if done properly. This is because eyebrows frame your face and lend definition to your overall look. beauty | Longevity LIVE

So what’s the best way to get wow-brows?

1. Choose your brow product based on your needs

To quickly groom and tint brows, use a brow shaper or brow gel. To add dimension and naturally fill in brows, use a powder shadow. For the most defined brow or if you want to hair-like precision, use a brow pencil with a slanted tip.

2. Keep them neat and tidy

Tweeze any stray hair between the brows, making sure the inner corners of the brow lines up with the eye socket. Remove hairs below the natural brow line and arch. Trim any brow hairs that are longer than your brow shape.

Getting lippy with it

Lipstick is considered iconic as a makeup staple, and for good reason. It’s as easy as swiping on a fresh layer of color, and to say your options are wide would be an understatement.

1. Exfoliate your lips  

For a flawless finish for your lipstick, you want smooth, baby-soft skin on your lips. To get it, use a sugar-and-coconut scrub or an old toothbrush mixed with a milky or oily cleanser to remove any dead skin. Then apply a good lip salve or conditioner and let it stay for 10 minutes before applying your favorite lip color.

If you liked these helpful tips, stay tuned because there’s more! On the morning of our Beauty Break, beauticians from Bobbi Brown will pick guests from the audience to do a makeup demo and show how these tips work in real life. Join us on the morning to learn more about the expert tricks and how you can use them to get a professional, put-together look.

About our African Beauty Break

Our African Beauty Break will take place at the De Hoek Country Hotel and Spa in Magaliesburg, over the 7th and 8th of September. Guests can opt for either a one-day workshop program or a two-day, one-night retreat package. At this event, we will be having informative talks on natural beauty and wellness, as well as yoga and breathwork sessions, and healthy, interactive cooking demonstrations. This will include CBD as an alternative medical treatment, where you can ask all the questions you may have. Those taking the full package will benefit from pampering massage and make-over treatment, and additional breath workshops and yoga sessions.

Our program

The weekend will commence with a light snack upon arrival. Following this, we will have Sean Beautemont facilitating a yoga practice and then we will bring in our medical professionals for the official workshop panel discussion. Here, you will have access to top industry experts in the field of natural beauty treatments, nutrition for better skin health, supplements, essential oils, and much more.

Our experts include clinical psychologist Dr. Marilyn Davis-Shulman, registered dietician Melissa Kelly, naturopath Dr. Isabel van Niekerk and Ascendis Wellness R&D Manager Brent Murphy. They will be discussing natural ways to live younger for longer and look amazing as you age. We will also cover the topic of the Psychology of Beauty and how it affects our overall wellness.

After the panel discussions, weekend guests will enjoy a full lunch at De Hoek, followed by a curated afternoon of activities.

Makeup artists from Bobbi Brown will choose two guests to demonstrate makeup techniques and will be on hand to do personal consultations for those guests joining us for the night. Guests will also be joining a cooking demo with healthy and delicious recipes provided by the chefs in De Hoek’s kitchen.

Package 1

This will entitle you to participate in the full weekend workshop program – everything mentioned in the program is included.

The panel is also open to other members of the public (see package 2.). Choose a treatment from our selection of pampering sessions. These include make-overs to massages and enjoy dinner that evening and a night’s stay in De Hoek’s luxurious accommodation. The following morning, wake up to a meditative walk and a relaxing yoga session before breakfast.

To secure your place, email us at [email protected] and we will send you an invoice.

Note: if you wish to extend your stay on Friday or Sunday evening, you will be able to do so at a special rate.

Package 2

Take a leisurely drive from Johannesburg to De Hoek, and enjoy a Saturday morning of fun and essential health and beauty information. There will be a light snack on arrival before the sessions begin with a panel of top industry experts (as above). This also includes a demonstration by Bobbi Brown as well as a healthy eating cooking demonstration.

Click on the link to make your booking for the morning package.

All guests will also receive a gift bag to take home, courtesy of Solal and Bobbi Brown.

The venue

Bring your partner or friend and spoil yourself in the beauty of this beautiful sandstone hotel, located in the lush, fertile valley in Magaliesburg. De Hoek presents the perfect getaway; it’s a quiet, green and utterly luxurious spot away from the city, but still only 50km from Johannesburg. Built in 1991, the original house of De Hoek evokes a unique ambiance with its grand central mahogany table. The Lesotho sandstone house boasts historic repurposed features such as struts from the old Crown Mines headgear, and wooden door lintels from the Durban station to name but a few.

Big Beauty Break at De Hoek



What You Need To Know

Where: De Hoek Country Hotel

When: 7-8 September for the full package

Time: 09:00

Package 1: Two days, one night, including all meals until departure on Sunday at 11:00.

Cost: R5 750

Package 2: Morning workshop only

Cost: R495

Please note: bookings are taken on a first-paid basis.

Our Partner for Spring Beauty Break

If beauty is skin deep, go deeper, with Solal

How you care for your skin is key to achieving a glowing complexion as you age. Experts at Solal explain that using scientifically-backed products, which contain ingredients that nourish and protect your skin from within, is essential to achieving effective results.

Whether you want to smooth out wrinkles, reverse the effects of lifestyle damage or rejuvenate dry and dehydrated skin, you should work proactively to restore skin health from within with Solal Vitamins, and by exfoliating, hydrating and protecting with Solal | longevity live


An important step for maintaining smooth, healthy-looking skin is gentle exfoliation. Not only does it rejuvenate your complexion by removing dead skin cells, but it also clears away the dirt and oil that can lead to blemishes. Solal Skincare’s Exfoliating Mask is packed with ingredients such as micronized zeolite crystals, papaya enzymes, and bisabolol. This makes it the ideal product for gentle and effective exfoliation. The self-heating exfoliator, coupled with Vita PQQ and Advanced Cellular Antioxidant vitamins that are enriched with vitamin E and other antioxidants, helps to prevent damage to your skin cells.


Whatever your skin type, hydration is critical to the skin’s overall health and appearance. The key to properly hydrated skin is to maintain a balance of water and natural oils. Solal Skincare’s new Oil to Milk Cleanser and its Replenishing Moisturisers have hydrating properties that not only moisturize. But also help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The cleanser and either of Solal’s moisturizers, complemented with Solal Omega-3 Krill Oil and Omega-All vitamins, ensure that your skin cells stay hydrated throughout the day.


Skin needs daily protection from environmental factors such as UV rays, pollution, and climate change. A broad-spectrum SPF is the best defense against the sun’s damaging rays and high-energy visible (HEV) light. This light is emitted from laptops and cellphones. Solal’s SPF 30 is a broad-spectrum facial SPF that combines the power of melanin. This protects against UVA, UVB and HEV light, with hyaluronic acid, which significantly hydrates and plumps the skin, leaving it supple and healthy-looking. Used simultaneously with Solal’s Collagen Plus Skin Essentials and Vitamin A 5 000 IU vitamins, it helps to stimulate new skin cell formation to oppose wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation.

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Guest Writer

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