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Gen Z social media skinfluencer Hyram Yarbro has had a meteoric rise to fame on YouTube. His informational YouTube skin care videos are helping millions understand how to get the perfect skin.

A few years ago, perfect skin was a case of having to win the lottery, or the genetic kind. If you weren’t naturally blessed with smooth, blemish-free skin, you had to set aside a small fortune for dermatologist appointments and expensive facials that left you feeling like a spotty ant under a magnifying glass. Then, as if all the poking and prodding weren’t enough, you were advised to buy a truckload of products either from France or a medical lab, either way you couldn’t understand a word on the bottle. Cheaper options consisted of drowning your internal organs in 4 gallons of water a day, or a drugstore product that was probably bright green and featured the word “zap” (spoiler: you just end up with dry skin and far too many bathroom breaks). But that’s all changing.

The Rise of SkincareByHyram

 “Perfect skin” is the 2nd most popular Google search in the “How to Get” category. Luckily for you, your skin, and your bank account, the latest links will take you straight to Gen Z Skinfluencer, Hyram Yarbro.

This popular skinfluencer  is a skincare enthusiast and content creator best known for his popular TikTok account, @SkincareByHyram. The young man shot to fame in 2020 by sharing skincare tips and tricks, and before he knew it, he had millions of followers hanging onto his every word.

 His most popular videos are of him reviewing and recommending skincare products according to his catchphrase: “Ingredients Don’t Lie”.  It aims to clear up the confusion of skincare (as well as your skin) by helping people to understand the method behind the magic: ingredients.

Ingredients Make a Recipe

Hyram Yarbro’s fascination with skincare and its active ingredients started when he was searching for solutions to his own skin concerns, which included acne and premature aging. Having filtered through countless pots and potions, he found himself with not only improved skin, but a practical knowledge of skincare ingredients and their effectiveness.

Yarbro’s knowledge and passion for skincare was furthered during his time working as a makeup artist in a luxury department store; he was faced with customers willing to spend thousands of dollars on a single moisturizer, and he found himself wondering: what exactly are in these products to earn them this price point?  He has found that a lengthy list of ingredients often accompanies the equally lengthy price tags on these “luxury” products and can often result in irritation. From your skin, and your mood after spending THAT much on a tube the size of your pinky.

clean beauty | Longevity LiveSimplicity Is Key

He believes in simplicity, both in the products that he recommends, and his explanations for them:

“I started my YouTube channel to help people learn about the basics of skincare and save money.”

The Rise of Clean Beauty

Hyram Yarbro’s approach to skincare aligns with the still-growing concept of “clean beauty”, which has seen an all-time high in popularity in 2021 thus far. People are becoming more and more conscious of the products they buy, where they come from, and what they contain. “Simplicity” and “transparency” are the keywords of this skincare movement, so it’s no wonder his no-nonsense attitude and recommendations are such a hit.

The Power of SkincareByHyram

 Given the growing awareness and demand  for cleaner beauty products, it is not surprizing that it’s gaining attention. The skinfluencer is not only influencing the skincare routines of individuals all over the world, but also the industry itself. Yarbro is known for his love for affordable skincare brand CeraVe, due to their affordability and clean ingredients. However, after he gave the brand his thumbs up to his 6.5 million followers, the brand reported a sales-increase of 65%.

The power of social media

Taking this into account, it should come as no surprise that he receives upwards of 90 brand-deal offers on a daily basis. His stamp of approval is regarded as highly as that of a professional dermatologist, although Yarbro is careful to note that his advice does not, and should not, replace that of a professional.

He simply wishes to guide consumers in the right direction, and skincare brands are just hoping that he sends them their way.

Recommended Skincare

Other than CeraVe, here are some of Yarbro’s top recommended skincare products:

1. Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser

Hyram Yarbro recommendsThis cleanser is free from fragrance, sulfates, and dyes, and it won’t dry out your skin or clog your pores, making it an ideal face wash for all skin types, from dry to oily.

2. The ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque

This pimple-busting mask is great for de-clogging your pores and smoothing skin texture, and it can be used as an all-over mask, or dotted on as a spot treatment.

3. Nizoral Anti-dandruff Shampoo

Now, this one might sound a little weird, but Yarbro swears by this product for the treatment of fungal acne, those annoying little bumps some people get on their foreheads. Use as a facemask 1-2 times a week and your skin will be smooth as a baby is no time at all.

4. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask 

This refreshing mask will soothe pretty much any and all skin irritation, from dryness to sunburn.

5. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Eye Cream

Containing key eye-bag reducing ingredients such as shea butter and Allantoin, this eye cream will have you looking bright eyed and bushy-tailed no matter what time you got to bed.

“Selfless” By Hyram Yarbro

 While these products come highly recommended from Yarbro, in June 2021, he launched his very own skincare range. Titled “Selfless”, the line emphasizes its use of natural, minimal ingredients that create and support long term skin health.

“The product philosophy is centered around simplicity, using gentle yet effective ingredients and non-irritating actives.”

Clean beauty with Hyram The line perfectly encompasses the values of the clean beauty movement: “From where and how we buy ingredients to how we have structured the commercial model, to give back to charity in a meaningful way, drives our very being – enabling consumers to make the selfless choice easy.”

Get the perfect skin by using clean beauty products

Furthermore, proceeds from each purchase go to organizations that aid in the global water crisis, as well the fight against climate change. All the Selfless products are less than $30, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals, including his younger TikTok audience. So, whether you’re a clean beauty connoisseur, a part of SkincareByHyram’s fan club, or just looking for a reliable and affordable new cleanser, Selfless is the way to go.

What Will He Do Next?

With an estimated net worth of  USD 3 million, millions of social media followers, and an already successful new skincare range, keep your eyes peeled (and under eyes hydrated) for Hyram Yarbro.

Main photo credit: Hyram Yarbo on YouTube


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