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It is not a secret that deficiencies in certain nutrients can affect hair growth. Many men and women dream about having healthy, thick, and shiny hair. However, when you are getting older, it becomes difficult to keep the situation under control. The speed of hair growth will depend on the following factors: age, general health, ecology, genetics, medications, and a healthy diet. It is impossible to do anything with genetics and age, but you can control your diet and see excellent results.

When your body receives enough essential minerals and vitamins from food, it impacts the growth cycle of your hair follicle. If you consume poor nutrition on a regular basis, it will result in hair loss. Scientific studies claim that a lack of vitamins B12, D, iron, and other nutrients impact your hair growth directly.  Longevity Live Partner Content.

Discover the Healthiest Foods for Your Beautiful Hair

  1. Eggs

You will not find a better source of biotin/protein than eggs. It’s essential to consume enough protein because it is the primary material for building strong hair follicles. A lack of protein can provoke hair loss. Eggs are the richest source of selenium, zinc, and other nutrients. Don’t forget to include eggs in your weekly menu.

  1. Berries

Berries are an exceptional source of vitamins and compounds that support your hair growth. Including them in your diet, you will get enough vitamin C, which is one of the best antioxidants you can ever find. It protects your hair follicles from free radicals, which may cause a lot of damage on a molecular level. Vitamin C helps produce enough collagen to strengthen your thin hair.

  1. Spinach

All green vegetables are healthy, but spinach is the best choice as it is full of folate, vitamin C/A, and iron, which help your hair grow naturally. A daily cup of spinach will provide you with around 20% of your daily vitamin A needs. It contains enough iron, which helps blood cells carry enough oxygen and boost metabolism.

  1. Fish

You’d better include fatty fish in your diet, for example, herring, salmon, or mackerel, to boost your hair growth. It is the richest source of healthy fatty acids called omega-3. Fish is a well-known source of vitamins, protein, and other essential nutrients. 

  1. Sweet potato

healthy sweet potato | Longevity LiveSweet potato contains a lot of beta-carotene, which gets converted into vitamin A in your body. There is a direct link between vitamin A and your hair health. A medium-sized sweet potato is more than enough to get a daily dose of vitamin A. Also, it increases the production of sebum to help keep your hair healthy and shiny.

  1. Nuts

You will not find tastier and richer food than nuts. They contain an enormous amount of healthy fats and vitamins to improve the quality of your hair. If you consume around 25 grams of almonds, you get a daily need for vitamin E/B, zinc, and essential fatty acids. Nuts help reduce different inflammations in your body and decrease the risk of heart problems.

Natural Oils Can Do Miracles To Your Hair

Foods aren’t the only thing that boosts your hair growth. You have to use all existing methods that help reach the desired results. The modern market is overloaded with products for hair that promise to do miracles. However, behind these bottles, there are only chemicals, paraben, and silicone.

Instead of making the situation even worse, you’d better try natural oils for hair growth. There is nothing more pleasant than a head massage with natural oils. They deliver essential elements to the skull, stimulate blood circulation, and make you more relaxed. People with hair issues need to avoid stress as it affects their general well-being, and hair reacts first. So, it is time to give yourself the treatment you deserve.

  • Castor Oil

It is one of the best vegetable oils for healthy hair. Castor oil contains many essential elements, which absorb quickly in the skin and hair, making it stronger and healthier. This oil gets extracted from the seeds that grow in Asia and has a light color and specific smell.

Nowadays, castor oil is widely used in cosmetics thanks to its rich properties, such as soothing, regenerating, protecting, and nourishing the skin and fortifying hair. It is an excellent source of vitamin E to stop skin aging.

  • Argan Oil

This oil gives exceptional results in treating baldness. Experts recommend mixing it with rosemary to make the effect even stronger. So, if you want to treat your hair well, include this oil in your beauty routine. Your hair and skin will look well-treated and finally healthy.

It’s not surprising that many popular brands include argan oil in their formula, thanks to its exceptional qualities. And the smell is another advantage; it is marvelous and makes your body filled with positive vibrations.

  • Coconut Oil/Milk

Coconut oil and milk have many properties to solve your hair problems. Its wonderful smell will motivate you to include this nut in your diet and your daily beauty routine.

Did you know that coconut milk is able to nourish and make your hair soft and shiny? Add coconut milk to cosmetics to make the foam more lightweight and natural. Coconut oil is easier to apply and wash away. 

  • Garlic Oil

If you want to have long hair, garlic oil is what you need. It is an affordable oil that you can find in every shop. You should not pay attention to a bit of a disgusting smell, as the results are worth trying. Garlic oil can stimulate your hair considerably. 

How To Deal With Genetic Hair Loss?

If you’ve hair loss due to genetics or age, you should get desperate because modern medicine has a solution for you. You can send your request to Bookimed, an international medical platform, and get information about hair transplant procedures, which are safe, fast, and affordable in many countries. Find numerous reviews of happy patients at Bookimed.

How Does Bookimed Work?

  • A client submits a request for a hair transplant procedure.
  • The Bookimed coordinator will get in contact shortly.
  • You get help selecting the most suitable hospital and specialist to solve your hair loss issue.
  • After approving the medical program, your coordinator starts arranging the trip to a chosen destination.
  • Dealing with Bookimed, you get support 24/7, free of charge.

Final Thoughts

All the mentioned foods are essential for strong and healthy hair. Do your best to include the right vitamins and minerals to delay or stop hair loss. Initially, it’ll be challenging to get used to a new way of eating, but it is just a matter of time and adaptation. Take enough time to cultivate new healthy habits, and you will be amazed to see the first results shortly.

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