A career in the healthcare industry is a lucrative one, especially if you’re equipped with the right skills. If you’re planning to start your career in the medical field, give yourself a good head start by taking up a first aid course, having a specialty, and finding a mentor.

Why Is It Best to Study in Melbourne, Australia?

Australia’s health system is among the best in the world. After all, the country is part of the trillion-dollar club economies, alongside Germany, Japan, France, and the US. Aside from its top companies, the country is also home to some top universities in the world. What better way to start your healthcare career than taking advantage of world-class learning opportunities in Australia?

Specifically in Melbourne, your training will focus on the city’s youthful and skilled workforce within the 15-44 year old age bracket, which make up 71.2% of the city’s residential population.

A Quick Guide on the Best Courses to Take

Yes, there’s a wealth of health courses to take. But to give your career a solid foundation, consider taking up one or more of the following courses:

  • Health Services Assistance

Health services include a wide range of medical aspects. Primary, outpatient, and emergency care are common inclusions. But it could also cover dental, preventative, nutritional, prenatal, diagnostic, and mental health care. So as you study health services assistance, you’ll gain a more thorough knowledge about these aspects. You’ll develop your collaboration skills with fellow medical professionals. And you’ll develop the skills needed to work well with patients and their families.

After finishing this course, you’ll have opportunities in the following positions:

  1. Patient service and support assistant
  2. Nursing assistant
  3. Ward support and assistant
  • Child Care First Aid

With their lack of decision-making skills and autonomy, kids are part of the community’s vulnerable population. In fact, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) reports that road accidents, assault, and accidental drowning are the common causes of mortality among children. And in 2016-17, there were approximately 66,500 kids hospitalized due to injuries.

By taking up a child first aid course, you can effectively help address this concern. In the long run, you’ll have the following job opportunities:

  1. First Responder
  2. Pediatrician assistant
  3. School nurse
  4. Pediatric home healthcare provider
  • Leisure, Health, Counselling, and Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle factors might have caused a lot of diseases. But it could also be used for prevention purposes. And as more people start to prioritize disease prevention, a course in this field would also be useful.

In a gist, lifestyle covers many aspects, including mental, emotional, physical, and social health. And a course covering these aspects can help you provide services for holistic health. With knowledge in lifestyle coaching, counselling, health, and leisure, you can position yourself better for the following jobs:

  1. Counselor
  2. Lifestyle coach
  3. Dietician or nutritionist
  4. Therapist
  5. Medical social worker

health courses

  • Aging Support

Elderly care is also an evergreen industry, considering the growth of the silver-haired population in many countries. By taking up an aging support course, you’ll gain in-depth understanding of the life and needs of elderly people. This course covers elderly nutrition, age-related diseases, assisted living, and palliative care.

As you learn how to care for the elderly effectively, you’ll also increase your employability in the following positions:

  1. Home health aide
  2. Personal hygiene assistant
  3. Community-based residential facility staff
  4. End-of-life care provider
  • Medical and Health Administration

With the high demand for healthcare services nowadays, starting a clinic is also a lucrative venture. If you already have some solid clinical experience and skills, perhaps the next best thing for you to learn is how to manage your own healthcare facility.

With your medical administration course, you’ll have the skills needed to start the following healthcare businesses and create more jobs:

  1. Assisted living facility
  2. Clinic
  3. Community-based residential facility
  4. Community Health Centers

Health is a priority, regardless of age, race, economic status, and gender. With these health courses  with good education options (e.g., first aid courses, aging support, health admin), you can help other people attain long-term health. Most importantly, you can secure a sustainable career for yourself.


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