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Ever since she first took the world by storm, Lady Gaga has remained somewhat of a powerhouse. However, she has also managed to maintain a level of mystery. One thing you can be sure of when it comes to Gaga though is that she’ll look fabulous from head to toe. Gaga has always had fantastic skin and an ethereal glow about her. But how does she achieve it?

Of course, there’s always that incredible team of hairstylists, makeup artists, personal trainers, and facialists at the ready. But what does Gaga do with her skin, hair, and body that we can copy so that we too can achieve that head-to-toe glow? 

This is what Lady Gaga’s skincare routine looks like

Lady Gaga

Image via Instagram @ladygaga

When Gaga appeared in A Star is Born with a completely bare face, we all saw just how amazing her skin is. And Gaga’s longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno agrees. She told TODAY that she has “the most incredible skin in the business”. So how can we achieve the same effect at home?

It seems that Gaga is a major fan of some cult beauty staples. She’s a huge fan of using a Vitamin C serum, specifically Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum. Tanno explains that she uses it to prep Gaga’s skin. Saying that it leaves the skin “feeling tight, smooth and glowing”.

Another thing Gaga sees as vital (and we should all take her lead on this) is sunscreen. Most of us know that the most dangerous enemy when it comes to great skin is the sun. So applying sunscreen daily (no matter the weather) is always a good idea. The singer also loves at-home face masks and gets regular facials. 

Gaga relies heavily on her facialist Joomee Song who is an esthetician and owner of Faceworks Inc.. Song worked with Gaga on American Horror Story and explained that, before close-ups, she would do a hyaluronic acid scrub. This would help to reduce redness and smooth the skin. Another thing that Song uses in order to achieve Gaga’s perfect skin? A Japanese facial massage called Kaika.

This type of facial massage works to promote circulation, release tension and reduce any puffiness, Song told Refinery 29 that the treatment makes everything “tighter and brighter”. What makes Kaika different from any other facial massage is that it combines finger pressure and a Japanese microcurrent machine that’s specifically designed to release tension fast. Ultimately, one of the most important aspects of Gaga’s skincare is keeping it simple but effective. 

When it comes to Gaga, haircare is vital

Anyone who knows of Gaga knows that her hair seems to be in a frequent state of change. She’s gone through almost every variation in hair length, shape, and color over the years. The man behind Gaga’s amazing and consistent transformations is Frederic Aspiras.

Lady Gaga

Image via Instagram @ladygaga

According to Vogue, he’s been working with her since 2009. What sets Aspiras apart is that he’s both a hairstylist and wigmaker. Over the years, he’s created everything from bows fashioned out of hair to bright yellow movie star hair.

She certainly loves to change up her look, and there’s no doubt that Aspiras can keep up. Gaga paid tribute to his amazing work in 2019 where she presented him with the award for hair artist of the year. 

Fitness and food

Of course, the other thing that keeps Gaga in a constant state of glow is her fitness routine. There’s no doubt that a good exercise routine is, at least partly, behind her glowing skin. Gaga works with fitness and wellness guru, Harley Pasternak.

Lady Gaga

Image via Instagram @ladygaga

She told Vogue that most of her workout sessions are in the form of rehearsals and performances. However, when she is doing more traditional workouts with Pasternak, the focus is mainly on abs. She follows a consistent workout schedule of 25 minutes, five times a week. 

Gaga also practices yoga regularly and, like many other celebs, is a big fan of SoulCycle. In fact, according to Well + Good, she loves SoulCycle so much that she has two custom SoulCycle bikes in her tour bus. Another major part of a healthy glow is a healthy diet. After all, the glow comes from inside.

According to Women’s Health, Gaga follows the 5 Factor Diet. This requires eating five times per day, and it is made up of two ‘proper meals’ and three snacks. The foods in the diet fall into five categories: lean protein, low-glycemic carbs, healthy fats, fiber, and a sugar-free beverage. 



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