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Genetic testing is a fast-growing industry that is expected to be worth $30 billion by 2025. Predictive testing is becoming more popular globally in the quest for a healthier lifespan. Experts spoke to Longevity Live on The Nielsen Network.  In this series called The Business of Health, they discussed technology advancements in genetic testing, nutrigenomics, and precision medicine is fueling this industry.

The panel included Dr. Craige Golding, a specialist physician in anti-aging medicine, and Dr. Danny Meyersfield, founder of DNAlysis.

Genetic Testing and Longevity

Nutrigenomics is a form of genetic testing that studies the relationship between the human genome, nutrition, and health.
For instance, if you struggle with losing weight, a nutrigenomic test will look at factors such as your fat metabolism pathways as well as your detox genes.

While a large majority of what we do affects our health and lifespan, it should be noted that our genetics also play a role. So what would happen if we tailored our healthy lifestyle choices to our genetic build? The fact is, understanding our genes and our bodies better will help to ensure our longevity.

The Experts Speak

Dr. Danny Meyersfield

Dr. Danny Meyersfield is the founder of DNAlysis, and at the time of its inception, DNAlysis was one of the first companies to offer genetic testing. He and his company have led the way in offering consumers the ability to better understand their genealogy.

Dr. Meyersfield revealed it soon became evident that it was our responsibility to manage our own health, regardless of our genetic makeup. That said, it would be advisable to place our genes in an environment that would ensure the best possible health outcome.

Therefore, the information that one receives from genetic testing will help to empower the individual. It will help them to make conscious decisions. This can include making the necessary changes that one needs to in order to protect their health and ensure their longevity.

Dr. Craige Golding

Over the years, Dr. Craige Golding has been working closely with genetic testing.

Not only are options such as DNAlysis cheaper, but Dr. Golding believes that testing also allows consumers to ascertain where their weak links are with regard to their health. As someone who sees patients every day, he views genetic testing as hugely beneficial. It helps him to provide his patients with the necessary information that they need to better their health.

The best part about nutrigenomics testing results is the fact that there is something you can do to fix the results.

The video interview with the panelists contains the full dialogue of this interview and you can watch it below.


Pie Mulumba

Pie Mulumba

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