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This is partner content to celebrate flawless skin. When we’re talking about make-up staples, a good foundation comes up just as much as a classic red lip. That’s because it’s exactly what the name suggests – the basis of your make-up look. It just makes you look more put-together and polished – if you get the right shade for your skin tone. And anyone who has ever gone make up shopping knows that getting the right shade is vital for the flawless look you want to go for.

Why is flawless foundation so important?

  • It hides imperfections as you age, small scars, pigmentation, and pores
  • It gives you coverage that is effective, as well as natural and lightweight
  • You can enjoy a smooth and even complexion
  • It can be layered throughout the day to last longer
  • It can mattify your skin, taking care of mid-day oiliness

So how can you determine the best way to build a flawless base?

When it comes to a flawless look, you want it to appear as natural as possible. To get your foundation right, it shouldn’t be visible, and it has to match your skin tone perfectly.

The first thing you need to do in searching for your perfect shade is to identify which type of undertone you have. This knowledge will make things much easier. By examining your bare skin, note whether it has a rosy shade (this means you have a cool undertone) a golden color (this means you have a warm undertone) or a combination of the two (neutral).

Then you will need to test the foundation. While the shade may appear to match your skin while in its packaging, there is still the risk that it does not properly blend into your skin, which results in a mask-like, cakey appearance. Testing your foundation in natural light and matching it on your jawline is the best way to go, as your skin tone varies in different areas of your face. According to Patrick Ta, world-renowned celebrity make-up artist, his favorite way of applying foundation is to start with a brush first, so as not to waste product. He usually uses this to push the foundation into the skin. After that, he uses a beauty blender to make sure that all the products have been blended perfectly, and that no tell-tale foundation lines are left on the skin.

Changing seasons

While we have different micro climates around the country which might affect the type of skincare and foundation you use, there is no need to change your foundation in accordance with the seasons – simply warm up your skin with a bronzer if you feel that you tend to lose color in the winter.

Mixing and matching colors flawless | Longevity LIVE

As mentioned, women often find it difficult to find a foundation range that caters to all skin colors – even today. You may have found yourself purchasing two foundations, which you would later blend, trusting that it would not leave an ashy or grey residue. Of course, neither option is ideal, and fortunately, things are changing fast.

With greater inclusivity in mind, we’re delighted to announce that Catrice has extended their range of foundation shades to achieve this. The latest trends from catwalks around the world have inspired their newly innovative, high-quality products. These extensions are now available in new, delicious-sounding colors, such as Bronze Beige, Toffee Beige, Chestnut Beige, and Espresso Beige. Think greater range of applications, richer pigmentation than ever before, as well as extended variety.

Long-lasting and earth-friendly

Not only will you not have to worry about straying or melting foundation – since the new soft and ultra-light version lasts up to 24 hours – but Catrice has increased their efforts toward social responsibility. Each of these luxurious, rich foundations is 100% vegan. Now that’s an effort we can get behind!

In addition, Catrice Cosmetics has extended their variety of gorgeous products to a full 2 meter stand. Find them at leading stockists including Dis-Chem, Zando, Takealot and House of Cosmetics.

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