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CBD is a fast growing health segment. With the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, cannabidiol use has increased exponentially. In case you are not familiar with its scientific name, cannabidiol and CBD are the same.

Today, you can purchase CBD in different forms and can buy CBD edibles, tinctures, oils, and capsules. Some analysts predict its share in the health and wellness market to continue to grow, estimating about $2 billion in market value by 2022.

Part of the reason behind this growth in popularity is the many purported therapeutic benefits of CBD. It is even believed to be great for fitness and bodybuilding. However, before you pack your gym bag with CBD oil, it’s vital to know why and how to use it best to maximize your gains and accelerate post-workout recovery.    

Why is CBD good for Bodybuilding and Fitness?

It comes as no surprise that fitness enthusiasts find the idea of CBD for fitness appealing. After all, the fitness industry is popular for selling several types of supplements. Bodybuilders that use CBD believe it offers several benefits. However, the question you might ask is, are these benefits backed by science?

While others believe it is merely a placebo, some have the erroneous notion that CBD gets users ‘high.’ The compound in cannabis that intoxicates users is THC. And according to regulations, products like CBD edibles and oils contain no more than 0.03% THC. So, the chances of being stoned on your way to the gym are very slim.

Instead of getting you high, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of the body, namely CB1 and CB2 receptors. Instead of binding with these receptors directly, as THC does, CBD impacts them indirectly. This unique way of interacting with ECS enables users to experience many therapeutic effects from CBD. From a bodybuilding standpoint, it’s necessary to know how to administer CBD to derive benefits relevant to fitness and muscle gain.

Here are four ways to use CBD for fitness and bodybuilding.

1. CBD Helps Minimize Post-Workout Inflammation

Not many people know this, but high doses of anti-inflammatory medication can hinder muscle growth. This fact was revealed during research performed in 2017. It might not be a big deal for the average person to take some anti-inflammatory drug doses.

But it’s an entirely different case when you’re a bodybuilder looking to put on muscle fast. Chances are, you’ll have to deal with post-workout inflammation every other day. Hence, you’ll need an alternative to manage inflammation. CBD offers the perfect remedy for joint inflammation without any adverse effect on the muscle gaining process.

According to a review of more than 130 studies conducted by Sosnoff and Rudroff in 2018, CBD had several interesting benefits, including inflammation reduction and improved mobility. If the reports of the reviewers are accurate (and they are), CBD is an anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, neuroprotective, and antipsychotic agent.

2. Boost Recovery Time With Better Sleep

Quality rest and sleep play a critical role in fitness. But it is even more important when you’re trying to build muscle. The fact remains that if you can’t get enough good night’s sleep, your body’s building cells can’t heal and repair your muscles to the point that you can see any results.

The process of lifting weight causes minor ties in your muscles, which the body has to repair. It is through this healing and repair process that you gain muscle. This repair process occurs mostly at night when you sleep and your body synthesizes protein into the muscle. After administering CBD, conditions that prevent good sleep, such as pain, anxiety, and stress, will reduce significantly.


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Thus, helping your body to relax. In a 2019 study on CBD’s effects on sleep and anxiety, researchers concluded that 79.2% and 66.7% of participants reported reduced anxiety and improved sleep, respectively.

3. Increase Energy Levels For More Explosive Workouts

Stress has a way of sapping energy and taking away your motivation. This can become the single greatest hindrance to your bodybuilding goals if you don’t find a way to increase your energy level and hit the gym ready to put in the work.

Fortunately, CBD serves bodybuilding well because it helps reduce cortisol levels that also hinder muscle growth. For the best results, you’ll need to observe your performance in the gym. If you find yourself putting in less work and reducing your reps, then maybe it’s time you increase your energy levels.

Furthermore, CBD works on your blood sugar levels and affects the body’s level of insulin. By minimizing your insulin level, the body burns more glucose to release energy instead of storing it as fat. So it not only helps boost your energy but also prevents fat gain.

4. Manage Post-Workout Pain and Shorten Recovery Time

Often the recovery time after an intense workout varies from one person to another. Though your recovery time is just as important as the workout session, it’s also the time that you have to deal with soreness and pain.

Give yourself some extra edge in your bodybuilding journey if you can quicken the process and deal with post-workout pain simultaneously. Using the right CBD product can help relax the muscles and curb pain without any side effects associated with conventional drugs. You can also use it before workouts to boost performance.

However, it’s vital to ensure that the compound gets enough time to affect the native ECS of the body. Studies conducted in the CBD show that it’s effective for dealing with chronic pain. It also serves as a viable treatment for pain related to arthritis and cancer treatments.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, it’s undeniable that CBD is good for bodybuilding and fitness. However, this doesn’t mean you need to proceed with its use right away. It’s essential to first speak to your doctor, especially if you’re on any medications.

Next, you have to figure out the ideal dose that will help you get the best results. You also want to remain observant by paying attention to how your body responds to CBD, be it before or after a workout.

Finally, other factors come into play when getting the expected fitness results. Therefore make sure you eat well, have enough sleep, and above all, remain consistent.



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