Jenni Rivett spoke to Longevity Live about what it was like to train Princess Diana,  how she has remained a leading fitness trainer over the years, and helps her clients stay in great shape. In this post, we share these tips and video link to some essential exercises anyone can do from home.

Trainer of the late Princess Diana

Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, heard about the South African trainer at a dinner party and the next thing Jenni knew, she received an invitation to meet the popular princess.  Jenni arrived at Kensington Palace and described how Princess Dianna bounded into the room.  Jenni was instantly taken with Princess Diana saying: “She made you feel as if you were the most important person in the room.”    Her opening words to Jenni were: “What can you do with this body?”

A seven-year healthy relationship

LONDON – NOVEMBER 1995: Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, wearing Virgin Atlantic sweatshirt, leaves Chelsea Harbour Club, London in November, 1995. (Photo by Anwar Hussein/WireImage)

And so began a seven-year relationship between the two women. We know just how well Princess Diana’s body was transformed during this time.  Jenni spoke very fondly of those years and has been outspoken in the past about how the Princess was treated by the media, particularly after her death. When Princess Diana was still alive, her butler called Jenni and said that the Princess wanted her to have her four favorite sweatshirts. The one pictured on the left is particularly iconic – donated by Richard Branson.

Donated for charity

Jenni explained that she kept the memorabilia for many years, but it worried her that it was locked away.  She wanted to put it to good use.  She chose to auction the Virgin Atlantic garment to raise money to help educate a family living in Southern Africa.  It was auctioned off in New York and raised much more money than she thought. The rest of the memorabilia went to a virtual 3d museum in LA under Jenni’s name.

Getting and keeping in shape during COVID-19

We asked Jenni how she is helping women find fitness during  COVID-19 life.

“We all took the wonderful outdoors for granted. It’s really important for exercise. Not just for aesthetic reasons, but also to help us sleep and to combat stress. You have to manage these  along with healthy eating and exercise.”

How much exercise to keep in shape?

Her compact routine has been ideal for COVID-19 conditions.

“I developed a compact routine, which has three main components to it. Cardiovascular, strength training –  which is key to long-term weight loss, joint flexibility, and mobility. This has transformed women’s bodies in a very big way. You do not need a lot of space. You can work in a small space.”

Jenni says many of her clients are confused about what is the best routine for them. There is so much conflicting information out there. “I get so many requests because people are confused about what to do. Should I be doing this exercise or running, swimming, walking, Pilates? I put all components together in one class. I did this based on my scientific research on what can be done in the least amount of time, but most effective. This is what so many of us want and need.”

Less is more

Jenni firmly believes less is more.  “Too many women try to do so much, but then are not eating enough to sustain that energy output. Then what happens is your body goes into fat storage mode. I can honestly tell you that two to three 45-minute workouts with me is more than enough. But you need to keep busy in between, walking, running, riding, active in between, 2-3 workouts that cover these three important aspects.”

How do we get motivated enough to do classes at home?

She has found, too, that a lot of women are intimidated by going to the gym. They do not know what to do at gym either and need instruction. “This is why so many have joined me from their homes. I motivate them. For me the biggest thing is seeing results. When you see results you will be motivated to carry on.”

jenni rivett shape

Importance of intuitive eating, not dieting

The bottom line on keeping in shape is the age-old idea of how many calories go in versus how many calories are expended.

While Jenni says this holds true, she does not believe in diets.  “I believe you must have a healthy eating regime. So allow yourself the occasional guilty treat. Become an intuitive eater.  As soon as you say you are not allowed something you want it. I’ve been working with this concept of intuitive eating and more focussed exercise, less to get good results. Do the right stuff for many years. It works for my clients.”

There’s no one diet for all

I asked Jenni if she supports individualized fitness and health programs through gene testing?

“Yes, I agree. We are all genetically different, so how can one diet work for all? I have never been so sick and stressed when I was dieting. We all know what healthy food is. We all know we need five servings of veggies a day, and drink lots of water etc. But often we want to get super quick results. Not for the right reasons. It’s a short term need, like getting into a dress for a party or a holiday swimsuit. If we accept that we need to have a healthy eating pattern for at least two months and not be impatient, the results will be better. Everyone goes on the “Monday” diet and doesn’t give their bodies the chance to eat a moderate diet, with healthy food most of the time. Let’s face it, we’re all going to have a piece of cake. We are going to feel guilty and this is not how it should be.”

Jenni believes one should hit the delete button and resume healthy habits. “We all have to be able to eat this stuff from time to time, and we can if we eat well over time. But you have to eat and find what food works for you.”

Consistency is key

You have to be committed over time to healthy eating. “Consistency is key,” she adds. ” Cut down on the bad and increase the good. Stick to it. Discipline really helps, but don’t beat yourself if you go off track.”

Your shape changes as you age

I mentioned to Jenni how hormone shifts make it more challenging to keep in shape. We have to work harder.

“Over the last ten years I have worked with women and hormones and found a way to manipulate hormones that make us fat.  By manipulating them with food and exercise.  There are a lot of ticks, cortisol, hormones, estrogen dominance, to keep those hormones down and increase fat burn. For example,  focusing on human growth hormones, testosterone, and progesterone. I understand how women can make them work for them, through the exercise program. Switching them on for better health.”

Jenni is a living example of peak health at any age. She looks as good as she did when she started out as a teen and continues to help not just celebrities, but thousands of women achieve better fitness and shape.

What will you see in this video?

The video interview with Jenni contains the full dialogue of this interview along with an exercise demonstration.  This includes some joint mobility exercises which she has mentioned as being a really important component to any fitness regime. The video is just a taste of what Jenni teaches her clients.  You can start transforming your shape today by clicking here

Read more about what Jenni thinks about mobility fitness and how it can help improve your fitness and wellness. Click here.

About Jenni Rivett

joint mobility

Jenni Rivett is an international fitness and nutrition consultant. Author, fitness journalist, and creator of four DVDs. Through her passion, she was once voted Britain’s top fitness trainer by the ‘Best of British’ publications.

The highlight of her career was having the honor of working for Princess Diana for seven years. Other high profile clients included Jeffrey Archer, Elizabeth Hurley, Shakira Caine, and Lorraine Kelly.  She is currently developing the “My Body by Rivett”  programme.

This phenomenal new exercise regime promises to produce incredible results in achieving a fit, firm and beautifully toned body.  Jenni is passionate about helping others achieve their personal best!

Jenni also teaches on a digital platform called



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