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At this point in 2020, you might be struggling with hair loss or breakage. Perhaps you wish you could grow your hair long again. Thin hair, dry hair, brittle hair or lackluster hair is something many people see after a time of stress and hardship. Which is where the powerful ingredient collagen comes in.

Collagen can rescue your post-lockdown hair

According to Jason Collier – celebrity hairstylist for Laura Whitmore and Victoria Beckham – collagen is what post-lockdown hair needs right now. Let’s be honest, this year hasn’t exactly been kind to the state of our hair. The combination of stress, a change in your regular diet, and hormone fluctuations might have resulted in increased hair loss. Hair issues like severe split end, the first signs of graying, and a lackluster look might also be rearing their ugly heads.

So how can collagen bring back your luscious pre-covid locks and restore the health of your mane? Here are the main reasons collagen is your hair’s superhero.

1. Collagen is good for digestion – and therefore protein absorptiongut collagen | Longevity LIVE

You might know collagen is good for your skin, your bones, and your muscles, but did you know it can also help improve your gut health?

Dr. Melissa Anzelone – ND for Nutrafol – says this is because collagen helps to heal the lining of the gut and digestive tract. As a result, your digestive system is better able to absorb protein and other nutrients necessary for healthy hair growth.

Your hair isn’t the only part of your body and health that will benefit from improved digestive function, once collagen has taken care of it. Your mood, brain function, muscles, and energy levels tend to function alongside the health of your gut, which is why it is so important to focus on your diet and microbiome.

When used in synergy with hyaluronic acid, collagen also strengthens the dermis and the elements surrounding the hair follicle. This improves the way nutrients are distributed to the hair shaft.

2. It helps protect against damage from free radicals Lockdown Hair collagen | Longevity LIVE

Collagen has the ability to function as an antioxidant. When our bodies experience stress and air pollutants, or our lifestyle involves elements like smoking, an unhealthy diet, or alcohol, the accumulation of free radicals takes place. This causes damage to our cells and DNA.

Hair follicles also suffer from this type of damage. As we age, hair damage tends to become a bigger issue because the body’s ability to defend itself against free radicals decreases. The other problem that comes with age is that our bodies produce less and less collagen the older we get.

Studies show that collagen derived from fish scales has a powerful antioxidant ability. The results showed that marine collagen was able to fight off four different types of free radicals. While the research was only performed in laboratories, the results point to the power of collagen when it comes to countering the effects of aging.

2. It kickstarts hair growth

Hair is not the only thing dependent on healthy collagen stores in the body. Nails and skin also benefit when collagen production is optimal. And it all starts on the inside. The problem is that collagen production not only undergoes a natural slowdown. It is also affected by issues like sun damage, alcohol, and excess sugar in the diet. Dr. Julie Russak, brand ambassador for NeoCell, explains that when this happens, we can expect to see breakage in our skin, hair, and nails.

In addition to the breakdown of collagen, the causes of hair loss can include:

  • auto-immune diseases
  • hormonal imbalances
  • iron deficiency
  • the natural hormone dihydrotestosterone

By upping your intake of good quality collagen, you can help to counter the effects of hair loss and strengthen the rate at which your hair grows. It is also important to look at your diet and hormone health in general. Your hair is dependent on a healthy amount of protein and iron in your diet.

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Johane du Toit

Johane du Toit

Johané du Toit is the Health Writer at Longevity Magazine. With an Honours degree in journalism from the North-West University at Potchefstroom, she has a keen interest in medical and scientific innovations and aspires to provide the public with the latest reliable news in the fields of medicine, fitness, wellness, and science. Johane is happiest outdoors, preferably near a large body of water or in the mountains, and loves waterskiing, cooking, travelling and reading.

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