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Do you yearn for a healthy travel escape to a beautiful island where you can restore your calm? Well now you can. This September, Longevity will host a unique seven-day wellness odyssey at Chole Mjini Treehouse Lodge,  Mafia Island. 200 km south of  Zanzibar.  Come and join us.

Why Chole?

We have chosen  Chole Mjini Treehouse Lodge in Zanzibar as our destination for the retreat for a number of reasons.

Apart from its breathtaking beauty, Chole Mjini is unique. The hotel is the life passion of an extraordinary couple, Anne and Jean de Villiers. The couple were drawn to Chole years ago by dhows built on the island by Fundis, rumoured to be the best in East Africa.

Chole Mjini was never meant to be a hotel and it isn’t. It’s a castaway fantasy, a jungle- island retreat appealing to a specific kind of person. A return to simple luxuries that re-awaken the senses, rather than the predictable comforts of room service and air conditioning.

Discover Yourself At This Beautiful Island Lodge


Anne and Jean simply wanted to create the kind of place they would have been happy to discover.

“It is our hope to exist in peace and understanding with those visitors who reach Chole. And when you leave to return to your homes, we will take it as a sign of gratitude if you say that you have been welcomed here with warm hospitality – and indeed we will endeavour to welcome you in such a way.”

The hotel was hand built by the couple. In addition, Chole Mjini supports its community to enrich lives. Since 1990s, the Chole Project, continues to this day between Chole’s community and Chole Mjini Lodge. It has flourished to become an example of open-ended social development.

What will you do during your stay?

Longevity has put together a programme to get you into a restorative zone, so that when you return to your life, you will have re-discovered your inner calm.

Yoga leader Sean Beautement, will guide through specifically designed  gentle yoga, breathing and  guided meditation classes.  Retreat director Gisèle Wertheim Aymés  and the staff at Chole Mjini will ensure a special longevity menu during your stay so that you can eat and feel well.

Each morning Sean will lead a class. Whether it is a sunrise guided meditation or an energizing morning sequence. This will set you up for a great day ahead. Time to explore the island,  walk the  beaches and swim in an azure sea.

You don’t have to be  a regular yoga goer to find your Vinyasa flow on this odyssey. Classes have been created to include everyone.

At lunch, we will get together and talk about food as well as eat wholesome local food. The programme includes juicing and smoothie making demonstrations.

Later in the day,  we will regroup again for meditation, breath work and on some days some gentle stretching. This will ensure you get a great night’s sleep.

We understand challenging modern lifestyles, so we have designed this programme to give you breathing space, from all the devices, people and things that distract you from finding your own inner calm. We want to give you enough time for yourself if you choose to rest or read, but also if you want to participate in the other more active pursuits such as walking in nature, snorkelling, paddle boarding among others.

Your Retreat Hosts

Sean Beautement – Retreat Yoga Leader


Sean has enjoyed a 20-year long career in global retail, focused on building brands and businesses for retailers and manufacturers. Today he is an entrepreneur running a strategic consulting business as well as a yoga teacher, specializing in yoga for trauma and emotional recovery.

Sean knows what it takes to live and thrive in a modern lifestyle and is now using his experience and his own discovery of yoga for trauma and emotional recovery to help others.

In addition to which, Sean is also an active board member of Rise Against Hunger and devotes his time to helping incubator projects. Sean will lead yoga, breath work and meditation activities.

Gisèle Wertheim Aymés –  Retreat Director

Gisèle is an independent media owner and founder of the World of Longevity LLC. This includes Longevity,, Shop Longevity and Longevity Retreats. She has launched and published many leading magazine brands. ELLE, ELLE Decoration, Stuff and SA Home Owner. However, for the past decade she has focused on health.  Gisèle is a regular media commentator, writer, gives public talks, chairs panels and participates in media, health and social impact programmes and events. She hosted a television programme on health for CNBC Africa. Giséle was also invited to join the Scientific Board of the World Congress of Healthy Aging, which took place in South Africa in 2015.

Other Longevity Workshops and Retreats

Longevity has hosted many health workshops over the years, including bespoke health retreats. Helping you live a healthier, better, happier life.   Read more here.

Don’t Miss This Unique Retreat.  Mark Down These Dates And Book Now!

September 14 – 21 2019 – The Longevity Retreat at Chole Mjini Island Lodge

Bookings are limited as Chole Mjini is a small private lodge and bespoke retreat.

Please send your details to [email protected] and we will send you a brochure with further details.

We also have a full service travel agency helping everyone who is coming from overseas with flights and transport (not included in the package price.) ZUVA African Adventures can also help you add onto your trip with a personalized Kenyan or Tanzanian safari.













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