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CBD has shown to be a natural and safe option for the treatment of seizures for both humans and dogs, without the fear of harsh adverse reactions. CBD dog treats are an easy way to administer CBD to your beloved pet. This is what you need to know.

Pet parents have been turning to the substance for the overall health and wellness of their furry friends as a way to cope with behavioral, emotional, and physical disorders.


The compound is a non-toxic, non-psychoactive hemp derivative with properties consistent with symptom management, including pain relief, reducing anxiety, decreasing inflammation, and more.

Aging dogs

Also for senior dogs as they progress through the aging process with reports of success in enhancing the pup’s overall well-being. Open this to learn if CBD is something you should try for your pup.

CBD For Episodes Of Seizure In Dogs

As a relief from episodes of seizures with canines, CBD has a “neuroprotective” property giving the compound this capacity.

The dog also possesses endocannabinoid receptors that interact with the naturally occurring cannabinoids within the animal’s body.

CB1 contributes to seizure and epilepsy in its location within the neural system, while CB2 is stationed in the immune area. It’s CBD’s responsibility to interact with the ECS to fight the “neuroinflammation” and counteract the epileptic “hyperactivity”. CBD also helps to soothe and relax puppy – go-to CBD dog treats for details.

CBD dog treats | Longevity LIVECanines and Epilepsy

Seizure in dogs is common. Nearly one in every 20 pups suffers an occurrence within their lifespan. A canine with recurring episodes is likely struggling with epilepsy.

Lethargy and personality changes

Unfortunately, many forms of this disease are drug-resistant and produce harsh adverse reactions for the animals. These include lethargy and personality changes.   Also weight gain, blood clotting, liver damage, and hormonal/thyroid changes. For this reason, pet parents are turning to their vets to provide CBD as a less harmful and potentially more effective alternative.

The compound is known to be one primary ingredient in the drug Epidiolex. The medication is approved for human consumption to treat a form of pediatric seizure that is resistant to drugs. And studies indicate that the CBD compound in this medication has been beneficial for convulsions with dogs as well.

Seizure By Definition

Seizing is a neurological condition, also referred to as a “convulsion. It’s a “brain distortion” or a sudden shift away from the dog’s activity with resultant muscle effects. This makes them uncontrollable, creating fear for pet parents. If you aren’t there when the event happens, there’s the potential for fatality.

Epilepsy is when seizures occur continuously, particularly if there are other ailments like a liver condition, kidney issues, or a potential head trauma. Different types of seizures include:

  • Grand Mal:  This is what many people recognize when they think of the condition. The associated symptoms can be:
  • Convulsing

  • Falling over

  • Muscles uncontrollable

  • Twitches

  • Involuntary defecation/urination

These can last from seconds to as much as several minutes.

  • Focal: With these, only one side of the brain is affected, but ultimately, they can spread to the other side with the same characteristics being exhibited. Symptoms can be:
  • Repetitive facial movements
  • Limbs jerking involuntarily
  • Psychomotor: In these situations, you can mistake the action as your dog playing when he is actually struggling with inactivity in the brain. The aggression or hyperactivity might be short-lived. You may see unusual behavior like hallucinatory actions or staring while motionless.

Be vigilant with your pet

Dogs can’t communicate when they’re vulnerable to an attack. Pet parents need to be vigilant in paying attention to symptoms, including;

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Drooling
  • Stiffness
  • Chewing on the tongue
  • Involuntary defecation/urination
  • Foaming at the mouth

What to do during a seizure

During the seizure, you must stay calm and keep the puppy as calm as possible by speaking in a soothing tone. The suggestion is to apply gentle pressure to the eyes in an effort to decrease the duration of the attack.

It’s vital to keep the puppy’s head protected from injury but don’t move him or reach for their face or mouth because there is the potential for you to receive a bite. Emergency veterinary care needs to be contacted for durations that exceed several minutes or if there is a succession of attacks.

How To Give Your Dog CBD To Assist With Seizure

CBD comes in many forms, but the most popular for dogs and parents are pet treats because they are convenient and easy to administer. Always remember to research to obtain the highest quality and the most effective products.

The bottom line

It’s important to purchase from brands that are trustworthy and reputable.  These could possibly help control or decrease your pup’s episodes of seizure.


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