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There’s nothing wrong with wishing to pause time and extend your youth. However, as reality hits, everyone must age. Luckily, there are new technologies today that have anti-aging capabilities and promise to reverse any sign of aging, on top of improving one’s health and self-confidence.  

There are plenty of medical procedures and products that claim to have anti-aging effects. While this is the case, IV treatments might be worth considering. Longevity Live Paid Content.

Myers IVWhat Is IV Treatment? 

IV or intravenous treatment or therapy is the process of administering hydration, blood, medicine, or nutrients directly through the bloodstream for immediate results. In most cases, a needle will be injected into the patient’s vein. The needle is connected to a bag of fluid that can be adjusted depending on how frequently the liquid should travel to one’s body.  

While an IV treatment is usually administered in hospitals, it’s now used to promote anti-aging. People can even purchase some ready-made intravenous solutions, which enable them to personally inject the treatments into their bodies.  

How Does It Help With Anti-Aging? 

The IV bag will be filled with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs to achieve a youthful glow. A saline solution is commonly used as a carrier fluid that should help the nutrients to travel faster to your body, delivering quicker and more effective results. Moreover, it can also help to hydrate your body, which can help to make your skin look moisturized.

But, if you’d like to receive some powerhouse anti-aging effects through IV, then going for NAD IV therapy would be the perfect option for you. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a natural coenzyme found in every single cell of your body. It helps regulate your body’s cellular metabolism and aids in DNA repair.

Even if your body naturally produces NAD+, the levels slowly decrease year after year, which, then, contributes to the aging process. To put a stop to this, undergoing NAD IV therapy would be helpful.

Nutrients That Can Help With Anti-Aging 

Since you’ll need IV treatments to administer nutrients to your body for quicker and more reliable results, here’s a detailed discussion of these nourishments:

  • Vitamin B Complex 

Vitamin B complex helps improve skin conditions. B5 or pantothenic acid helps maintain the body’s natural moisture levels, keeping it plump, healthy, and hydrated. B1 or thiamine can help minimize breakouts, allowing for clearer and healthier skin. B2 or riboflavin can greatly help with anti-aging as it increases cell turnover and aids in boosting collagen production, which is responsible for the skin’s healthy and youthful glow.

Moreover, B3 or niacin is responsible for minimizing or eliminating skin issues, such as damaged skin, wrinkles, eczema, acne, rosacea, and dermatitis. Meanwhile, vitamin B12 is a cofactor for DNA synthesis, which helps improve cell production. As a result, it helps reduce dryness, acne marks, excessive oil production, and redness.

Furthermore, vitamin B12 can also help prevent the development of megaloblastic anemia, a blood condition that causes tiredness and weakness. On the one hand, biotin, or vitamin B7, can help make skin smoother and more hydrated. This would work best for people who have mature or dry skin. Furthermore, it can also help make your fingernails grow faster and stronger, which can get chippy over time.   

Along with the beauty benefits, vitamin B complex can also help improve your cell health, brain function, eyesight, digestion, energy levels, red blood cell production, and nerve function.  

  • Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is a popular skincare ingredient that helps the skin look more radiant, giving it a natural glow. In addition, it can make your skin look more hydrated and brighter, reduce pigmentation, and improve collagen production.  

Collagen production is important as it’s responsible for keeping your skin youthful. It helps improve your skin’s firmness, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles or sagging skin.  Moreover, vitamin C also contributes to a faster healing process, especially with open wounds, as well as helps diminish the appearance of scars.

So, if your aim is to have spotless, flawless skin, an IV treatment with a significant dose of this vitamin is one of your best bets. 

  • IV Fluid 

Your skin needs hydration to keep it looking young and healthy by addressing dryness and flaky skin. While drinking eight cups of water daily would help, an IV fluid can provide extra hydration to your body.

  • Magnesium 

One common sign of aging is weaker bones, which could lead to difficulty in moving around, reaching higher places, or even going up and down the stairs. While this isn’t focused on your physical appearance, improving your range of motion is a great way to make yourself feel better and youthful. Luckily, an IV treatment containing magnesium can promote stronger bones. 

Magnesium supports energy production and promotes better calcium transport throughout the body. This can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, a disease that weakens the bones, making them prone to breakage. That said, magnesium allows you to easily carry out activities without worrying about joint pains. 

  • Glutathione 

Another popular ingredient that can help with anti-aging is glutathione. This ingredient works similarly to vitamin C, which helps improve the skin’s appearance and condition. It can also help protect your skin from free radicals, which can damage your cells. It also aids in flushing out toxins from your body, resulting in a youthful and healthy glow. Moreover, it can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. 

  • Zinc 

Zinc is an important nutrient that heals and protects your skin. It guards the cells that produce collagen, allowing them to function properly without worrying about any other substance affecting their work. Moreover, it can also help reduce the possibility of catching an age-related illness.

Getting IV treatments containing the nutrients your body needs will help you achieve that youthful glow you’ve been yearning for.  


Making your skin look youthful, glowing, and healthy can boost your confidence. While there are plenty of beauty products you can try, hacking your way with IV treatments will surely put you at an advantage. With the right nutrients, you can acquire the anti-aging benefits you want, and allow yourself to have the rejuvenated skin you’ve always wanted. 

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