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After a long day at work, we’ve all lost ourselves in how we’re going to relax afterward in a hot bath. We dream of a spa-like experience, complete with bubbles, a face mask, and a glass of wine to destress. But if your bathroom looks less like a spa and more like a boys’ locker room, you might not like to spend much time there. Here are some simple tricks you can do to make your bathroom feel more like a spa! 

Transform Your Bathroom Into A Spa

1. Upgrade your cabinets

Get rid of those 1990s cherry wood cabinets and install some soothing white cabinets. White cabinets look cleaner and sleeker, elevating your entire bathroom instantly! Your bathroom will suddenly look like it’s something straight out of a spa’s website. Your friends will think that you’ve got a bathroom worthy of a page in an interior design magazine!

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2. Burn a candle or two

Candles and aromatherapy are quintessential aspects of the spa experience. By placing some candles on your bathroom counter or the back lid of your toilet, you’ll have something to light whenever you’re ready for bath time. Try to find scents that actually create calming effects, such as lavender. Make sure you burn only one or two scents at a time so that you don’t overwhelm your senses.

3. Create a color scheme

Colors are the name of the game here. If you have a mismatched or clashing color palette in your bathroom, how can you expect to release any stress or calm down after a long day? By choosing a muted or relaxing color scheme, you’ll create a calming getaway within your bathroom. Go for neutrals, blues, greens, and yellows when coordinating your bathroom color palette. Avoid using neon and lots of metallics when choosing colors because they aren’t as easy on the eyes. You can use them as accents, but the larger colors are best left as soft neutrals. 

4. Incorporate natural elements

Adding wooden accents is a great way to create a calming, spa-like experience in your bathroom. Nature itself can be calming for many people, so having natural elements in your bathroom can bring the outdoors inside your home. This also goes for greenery. Make sure you have a plant or two in your bathroom. Some people place plants in their showers, or at least on the bathroom counter. Plants love moisture, so the humidity in the bathroom can really help them thrive. If your bathroom has a window in it, try placing the plants there, so they can get all the natural sunlight they need. Your bathroom will effectively act as a greenhouse with natural light and humidity. 

5. Increase your organization

Using storage containers or bathroom organization items can help make it feel more like a spa. By removing clutter, you make your bathroom appear larger. Find a hanging shower caddy to hang on your shower nozzle and, if you have space, find an additional cube organizer to hide away all your odd-shaped bath utensils. Cube organizers are perfect for your styling tools, larger makeup kits, or anything else that won’t fit in your under-the-sink cabinets or in organizers that go on your sink counter. You also won’t feel as overwhelmed sitting in your bathroom, and you’ll be able to relax in your tub without worrying that you’ll knock over bottles of shampoo and body scrubs. 

6. Replace your shower curtain


This goes for both the outer curtain and the liner. And if you weren’t using a liner before, we’re here to tell you that you should. Shower liners go behind your shower curtain so the bottom of the decorative curtain doesn’t get ruined with water, soap, or cleaning materials. This ensures that the new shower curtain you purchase to make your bathroom feel more like a spa will last longer and stay bright and fresh.

7. Roll your towels

How you present your towels can play an important role in the vibes of your bathroom. To make space feel more like a spa, consider adding a wicker basket or a wooden bin near your tub to place your towels in. Then, instead of folding them in a square shape, roll them. You could even install an electric towel warmer to keep your towels nice and cozy for when you finish taking your bath. Store any towels that don’t fit in your decorative basket or towel warmer in some quality cabinets.

8. Introduce some artwork

Artwork is an important part of making your bathroom feel like a spa. By incorporating minimalist artwork that uses simple lines and soft colors, it can accentuate your calming color palette and maximize your bathroom’s ability to calm you down. Feel free to add any artwork that features lines from your favorite movies or funny bath-related quotes in a script font. This gives your bathroom some character, keeping it light and fresh!

9. Use a plush bath mat

Having a soft bath mat to sink your feet into when you get out of the tub is a must-have. Find one that complements your color scheme and is washable. You can also look for a memory foam bath mat that is quick-drying, too. This will keep your bathroom floor from getting water damage, plus it helps keep you safe from slipping as you walk around your bathroom. 


By adding just a few small elements to your bathroom and clearing away all the clutter, you can instantly turn your bathroom into a miniature spa. You’ll never have to spend money on a spa treatment again because you’ll have everything you need right there in your own bathroom. All your friends will love to come over to admire your spa-like bathroom. Who knows? You might never leave your bathroom again!

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