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Man came to a realization one day and decided to call a dog, his best friend. When you consider a dog’s unique characteristics, it is not surprising that it’s an excellent companion capable of improving one’s quality of life. A dog is an animal that makes one happy, healthy, and live a fulfilling life. This explains the thick bond of love between dog owners and their dogs.

According to studies, little interaction with dogs triggers the production of oxytocin in the human brain. This hormone boosts happiness, trust, and relaxation, which can bring down anxiety and stress. It is safe to assume that oxytocin explains the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with cuddling your dog. Interestingly, merely looking and gazing into your dog’s eyes triggers the rush of this hormone in both the dog and the owner. Many people wonder why dog owners have a strong attachment to their dogs; here are seven reasons dogs make us happy.

7 Reasons Why Dogs Make Us Happy

1. Improves Quality of Life

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Having a dog improves one’s quality of life in many ways. It gets you moving, helps reduce stress, reduces blood pressure, and enhances the release of endorphins (happy hormones). Recovery after an illness is swift and easy for dog owners. Seniors also benefit as a dog can serve as a healthy companion to counter loneliness. Also, kids that grow up with a dog have a lower chance of developing asthma and allergies (1).

2. Helps You Build Connection

One of the primary and inherent needs of humans is socialization. A dog makes this happen quickly in two distinct ways. First, you create a connection and companionship with your dog. This sheds light on why a dog is called a man’s best friend.

On another level, a dog helps build connections and interactions between people. The chance of connecting with a fellow dog owner is high when you meet while walking your dog, but make sure you use the right leash for your dog while walking it. We would suggest you use a retractable leash easily available at the online PetCarerx Store. A dog helps break down barriers that could have been hard in their absence. Introverts who find it challenging to connect with people can make this happen quickly with a dog.

If a dog makes you happy by encouraging a connection with others, you can make your dog happy as well. Buy them a full-body dog coat, and I bet you will have a cute dog everyone will love.

3. Dogs Keep You Fit

Taking a dog for a walk is inevitable. The process of taking a dog for a walk in itself is fun as you get to interact and play with your dog. This makes you active, which improves physical health. According to clinical studies, dog owners do have reduced blood pressure and optimum cholesterol level. This brings down the risk of heart disease.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

4. You get adequate fresh air

The benefit you get from walking your dog is more than the connection it fosters. Many people lead a busy life at work and at home. Walking the dog provides a chance to get a break from life’s commitment and catch your breath.

You get to explore places and discover a part of your neighborhood you never knew existed. Visits to the park, beach, and woodland will help you unwind. It provides a free ticket to experience and be in touch with nature regularly.

5. Dogs are always there for you

A dog stands out in the sense that it can be there for you in ways humans might not. They provide companionship and comfort and know-how to get through to us when we feel down. A dog accepts you, never judges, and is always happy to have you around.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

6. Kids Love Dogs

According to research, owning a pet helps build the emotional and physical wellbeing of a child. A dog does not judge, which encourages children to tell their dogs all their secrets. Owning a dog also presents a way to build a sense of responsibility in dogs. This is a habit that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

7. Dogs Love Fun

Finally, one of the top reasons dogs make us happy is their affinity for fun. Unless the dog was raised in the wrong environment or had some underlying health issues, it is hard to see a gloomy and aggressive dog.

They are always happy, and they live in the moment. Little things like chasing a ball or sitting down next to their owner excite them. Their happiness and excitement have a way of spreading to others. Also, they teach an essential life lesson that man should enjoy and celebrate the little things of life.

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Image by CHNBro3rD from Pixabay


It is clear and evident that having a dog is a good and natural recipe for happiness. They are fantastic human companions that can dramatically improve the quality of one’s life. Make sure to cuddle your dog today and appreciate it for the happiness it brings to your life. Even if she doesn’t understand you, she will feel it.

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