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The health risk of plane-hopping pathogens, dehydration, and jet lag is the trip busters that we won’t pack in our luggage before getting on board. A trip across the seas can bring a lot of excitement. Still, the lengthy flights significantly hit our body with distress and diseases that snatches the pleasure we may have on our initial days of a long awaiting trip.

It’s important to gather some information on how to stay healthy in mid-air beforehand to rescue ourselves from the health issues that could make our trip disastrous.

Here we are with seven tips to keep you hale and hearty during and after long flights.

Seven tips to staying healthy during long flights

Keep moving down the aisle

Wait! The word aisle doesn’t mean the wedding aisle here. It’s the space provided in between the plane’s seating so that passengers or aircraft attendants can move quickly, here and there.

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Keep in mind, when you are on lengthy flights, you shouldn’t get glued on to the seats only. Get up and take short trips to stretch and relax your muscles down as there will be a great chance of developing blood clots and deep vein thrombosis in long, overseas flight.

Immunize + Sanitize

What if you could see those multiple germs waiting to welcome you onboard? Just a thought, might have given you heebie-jeebies. But, realistically thinking, planes won’t go under a thorough cleaning process, after each trip.

For hygiene purposes, it’s necessary to take some precautionary steps. Remember to carry alcohol wipes to disinfect your surroundings and sanitizers to slide those germs down out of your hands. Use them frequently.

Secondly, get your vaccination card updated to prevent multiple viruses from traveling with you on the same flight.

Hydration while reaching destination


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For optimal health, count this tip as the most significant one. It’s better to increase your water intake in those long hours to stay hydrated instead of filling up your body with caffeine that makes you dehydrated.

Indeed the plane’s air is quite dry making, it difficult for the body to stay hydrated. Water consumption increases immunity that’s essential for fighting off the germs floating in the air where hundreds of passengers are breathing at the same time. There are no ceiling fans on the plane to breeze off those nasty creatures out and make you feel fresh.

For staying hydrated at the same time eco-friendly, reach out to a store nearby and grab a reusable water-bottle, the best partner to accompany on a long trip.

Nutritious Snacks, a treat to eat

Lots of people find it weirdly comforting and fun to eat in between long hour flights. Also, most of them end up feeling gassy, indigested. It’s highly recommendable to take healthy, light snacks with you like favorite fruits, CBD gummies, or protein bars, and some prepared meal can also be a better option.

To feel cozy, bring layers

The temperature on a plane varies wildly. To feel warm, will you opt for the microbe filled blanket? The flight attendant will provide you with, that you’re unaware is washed or not.

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To make your body temperature stable during long-distance flying, make sure to bring a warm, comfy sweatshirt and some pair of socks.

Unplug from the rest of the world

This tip probably is least mentioned when you skim through websites to grab the right advice to make the traveling experience wonderful. Here we are with the best one for you to pick.

Upon the sky, with no internet access, it’s best to kick your parasympathetic nervous system into gear. Here’s how you can do it: meditate by reading books you are fond of, take deep breathes to calm you down, pen down things you are grateful for or recall funny moments that happened in your lifetime.

Surely these activities will squeeze the stretched hours of air travels. By the time landing, you’ll surely be as fit as a fiddle.

Travel essentials to take onboard

Please! Don’t forget to make a small pouch of essentials according to your flight security guidelines.


Here is a list of things you must keep in the bag that will stay with you on board.

  • Do a favor to your skin. Keep it hydrated and moisturized by keeping a little hand friendly bottle of lotions, mist sprays, or jojoba oil. Thus when you land, your skin won’t look as pale as a ghost.
  • A lip balm is necessary to seal moisture on your lips, which could be drawn by the plane’s dry air.
  • Surgical masks- should be on the top of your take-on list. These masks will help create a barrier to stop inhaling those flying viral bacteria down your lungs. Investigate a travel standard mask to take with you.
  • Get a small medical kit consisting of pain relief, allergy pill, belly meds, and Band-Aids stored in the kit. To provide first aid to you,

Final Thoughts

An overseas trip may open doors of excitement for you but also makes you vulnerable to health risks. The traveling hours of a lengthy flight may end up with exhaustion, home taking viruses, dehydration, and jet lag. These seven potential tips will help avoid these toxic entities disrupt your amusement of the long-awaited journey. So when you reach your destination, you’ll be in the pink of health.

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