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Longevity Live Partner Content. As winged eyeliner, cut-crease shadow, and bold matte lips stake their claim as the hottest accessories among beauty gurus, YouTubers, and social media influencers alike, meandering around the supermarket make-up free has shifted from commonplace to taboo. Unbeknownst to most, experts trace makeup as far back as the first Egyptian dynasty. Today, the cosmetic industry has swelled into a global enterprise with a net worth of 532-billion.

Beauty gurus in-the-making are adding eyeshadow pallets to their online shopping carts at lightning speeds. As a result, the industry is predicted to grow at a steady but rapid pace. However, one subcategory of the cosmetics market you’ll want to keep your glitter-dusted eye on is skincare. It has proven to be the most profitable product category. An informed consumer base continues to fuel interest in natural and organic skincare ingredients. As such, industry experts forecast skincare regime must-haves will escalate into profitability and eventually lap makeup product sales.

Yes, contouring your cheekbones and highlighting your brow bone yields endless confidence-boosting and creative-expression bonuses. That said, there are undeniable benefits to ditching pore-clogging foundations and concealers. Wearing less makeup often translates to fewer breakouts and skin irritations. Not to mention, a makeup-free complexion can help your skin regulate its oil production and hydration. By vowing to wear less makeup and taking care of your skin, you can achieve that healthy glow.

6 Skincare Hacks for a Makeup-Free Glow

1. The power of beauty rest for the skincare enthusiast

Treating yourself to a full night’s rest isn’t only for the benefit of your heart health and mental wellness. It can also benefit the health of your skin. After all, there’s a reason why most refer to those expert-recommended eight hours as your beauty sleep.

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By hitting the hay at a reasonable hour, your skin can rest from what we put it through. This can include UV rays or pollution. From the moment we drift to sleep on our silk pillowcases, our skin undergoes a renewal process. This means a good night’s sleep can put those under-eye bags to rest. It can also help you wake up to youthful-looking skin.

Keeping screens away from the bed and splurging on a complexion-friendly pillowcase can help you maintain a superior quality of sleep while optimizing your skin’s healing. Another way to ensure you sleep more restfully is to swap out your generously used pillow top for a high-quality mattress, like the Essentia Memory Foam Mattress. A memory foam mattress relieves pressure on your body as it conforms to your shape. A memory foam mattress is a must-have addition for sleepers who share their living spaces with a partner, as these models reduce motion transfer. For skincare fanatics skeptical of memory foam mattresses’ unique powers, investing in a quality mattress can aid in your undertaking to achieve an expert-recommended eight hours of beauty rest.

2. The benefits of a daily sunscreen application

Many people don’t realize that merely cleansing and moisturizing your face isn’t enough to maintain healthy skin. Not applying sunscreen on a daily basis can reverse the progress you make by implementing a skincare routine.

Because you expose your skin to harmful UV rays that can accelerate the aging process while running your daily errands or treating yourself to Sunday brunch, sunscreen is non-negotiable. Even on cloudy days, the sun’s rays can still penetrate cloud cover and put you at higher risk for skin damage and even cancer. That said, applying a thin layer of sunscreen at the end of your morning skincare routine can do wonders for your skin’s health, even if the results aren’t tangible right now.

3. Applying your skincare products in the correct order

You may not be maximizing your skincare products’ health benefits if you aren’t layering them on your face in the right order. Any good skincare routine begins with a cleanser. Without this sudsy magic, skincare enthusiasts can’t ensure a clean palette of health-boosting products is to come.

After washing off the day, you’ll want to apply an alcohol-free toner to restore your skin’s natural pH levels and improve your skin tone. Serums come next, and it’s essential to ensure that you’re using the right serums for the corresponding time of day. For instance, skincare gurus recommend utilizing a serum with hyaluronic acid at night, which can help draw moisture from the air and into your skin for a hydrating effect while you sleep. In the mornings, opt for a vitamin C serum, which can protect your skin from inflammation as you go about your day-to-day.

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Eye creams are next in line for application, then spot treatments, and then moisturizers, retinoids, and oils. Of course, in the mornings, your final step should be sunscreen application, which will protect your skin and lock in all the benefits of the products that came before.

4. Drinking water and using hydrating products

While your skincare products may hydrate your skin by drawing moisture in from the air, it’s crucial to give these skincare favorites a boost by hydrating from the inside out. Drinking water first thing in the morning can help improve blood circulation and decrease water retention that causes puffiness in your face. While dermatologists are undecided about the direct impacts of drinking water on skin health, one thing they all agree on is that it’s best to be proactive when hydrating your skin. Remember, simply relying on water intake alone won’t keep your skin hydrated, but pairing hydrating products with doctor-recommended eight glasses of water per day can only benefit your skin’s health.

5. Using blemish patches for breakouts

If you find yourself embarrassed by whiteheads and blackheads that make an unwelcome guest appearance on your face, investing in a sheet or two of hydrocolloid patches could be the answer to your acne-related woes.

These patches are often small translucent stickers that conform to your facial features and are barely noticeable to onlookers. However, many companies also produce patches in colorful star and flower-shaped varieties. For those up for the challenge (and willing to sport a statement-making blemish patch in public), look no further.

You may find yourself in a bind with an unsightly blemish rearing its head and trying to sabotage your work presentation. If that’s the case, purchasing a box of hydrocolloid bandages from your local pharmacy and applying them on your breakouts will help to get the job done. traveling skin care

6. Incorporating Korean skincare into your routine

Korean beauty and skincare products have been skyrocketing in popularity for their superior ingredients and their ability to prevent skin problems before they wreak havoc on your social life.  The Korean industry is famously picky about the quality of their ingredients, and their consumer base is heavily knowledgeable about the different components that go into their products.

An easy product to add to your routine is the Korean sheet mask. Face masks can be used anywhere from once a week to every day, depending on your skin type. Korean sheet masks infuse your skin with active ingredients. These ingredients can check-off your skincare wishlist with their hydrating to skin-brightening properties. Finding the best face mask and pinpointing the frequency of applications best suited to your skin type can do wonders for keeping your skin supple and glowing.

The bottom line

No makeover-lover looks forward to scrubbing off layers of transfer-resistant foundation. However, dedicating the time to maintaining your skin health is well worth the occasional inconvenience. By tweaking your skincare routine, you can achieve the clear, glowing, makeup-free skin that so many beauty gurus crave. A flawless complexion may seem like a fantasy. However, simply open your eyes to the world of resources designed to promote youthful-feeling skin.

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Linda Williams

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