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A large number of the population owns a pet that they love and treat like part of their family. Pet owners devote their efforts to ensuring that their dogs are happy and healthy. In fulfilment of this goal, they embrace the use of various substances to improve the health of their pets. One such substance is CBD.

If you love following up on the latest world in the medical world, you have heard about CBD and how it’s making remarkable headway for its health benefits. From helping people relax to promoting better immunity, CBD has found its deserving place in the limelight.

However, it’s possible that you’re not fully aware of the great strides that CBD is making in helping our favorite four-legged, canine family member. If you are still skeptical about the potential CBD holds for your precious pet, then this article is precisely what you need. Before we begin, make sure you buy CBD products for your pet from a reliable source only. CBDfx is a trusted source for buying CBD products for your furry friends, their high-quality collection of products never disappoints.

We go deep into shedding light on the wonders of CBD for dogs and the myths surrounding its use.

What is CBD for dogs?

CBD is one of the hundreds of phytocannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. However, CBD comes from hemp, which is non-psychoactive. Another prominent compound in the cannabis plant is THC. The difference between the two is that while THC is intoxicating, where it produces a high state after consumption, CBD does not have such effects.

The reason that CBD is at the center stage is that it has numerous therapeutic potential. These include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties, which are essential for treating various medical conditions.

6 myths about CBD for DogsEndocannabinoid | Longevity LIVE

Unfortunately, despite the many advantages of CBD, some are not happy to see its use flourish. Such people will warn you against its use, claiming it comes with many risks. Below we take a closer look at 6 of the greatest myths you will hear about the use of CBD for your dog.

1. CBD will make your dog ‘high’

This is one of the most common myths related to the use of CBD for canines. However, as we had mentioned earlier, CBD usually comes from hemp. Though hemp belongs to the cannabis family, it contains negligible amounts of THC, the compound that gets the consumer stoned. Therefore, CBD does not contain enough psychoactive materials to get your dog high.

2. CBD will get your dog tired and sleepy

Most people associate the use of anything from cannabis with becoming super sleepy and dopey. Unknown to many, CBD does not have any sedative properties, unlike other compounds in marijuana, such as THC. CBD only helps your dog feel better by alleviating various disease symptoms, thus making the canine more relaxed. Researchers also claim that pets using CBD sleep better and wake up charged (1).

3. Dogs can overdose from CBD

CBD extracted from the natural hemp plant is a harmless product. It has numerous health benefits that help canines to lead a better quality of life. There have been no reports of CBD fatal overdoses, especially in dogs.

4. CBD oil is illegal

Most people tend to confuse CBD with marijuana. Some even use the two terms interchangeably, thinking they mean the same thing. CBD is just a compound derived from various strains of the cannabis family. Though marijuana is illegal, CBD is legal in multiple parts of the world. Since CBD does not contain THC, then there is no reason to term it as illegal.

5. You can give your dog CBD products designed for humans

Some people presume that they can use their CBD products for their dogs, but this is very wrong. Though CBD products for dogs and humans may be very similar, their concentration levels may differ significantly. The reason is that your weight and metabolism levels are not the same as those of your dog. The dosage for human CBD products is too concentrated for a dog

Furthermore, the flavoring for human and dog CBD products are not the same. The flavors on the dog’s products are unique to ensure that your dog enjoys taking them.

6. All CBD products on the market are the same

When you look for CBD products on the market, you need to be careful as some companies may have tainted CBD products that may not be safe for your dog. One tell-tale to poor and inconsistent quality is low pricing.

A pure and efficacy CBD product requires you to dig a little deeper into your pocket because the suppliers are also willing to go the extra mile of providing you with good quality CBD. 


Since you now know all the myths surrounding the use of CBD for your dog, you can now make a safe choice of using it. From the above information, you can see that CBD not only helps your dog feel much better, but it can also help you treat and manage other serious issues such as seizures, appetite loss, insomnia, anxiety, and so on.


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The content in this editorial is for general information only and is not intended to provide medical or other professional advice. For more information on your medical condition and treatment options, speak to your healthcare professional.