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Yoga is all about the union of the mind, body and soul, so it should come as no surprise, it has also been shown to improve health.

Scientists have shown that following yoga with deep relaxation protects against stress and stress related disease. Their research has also found that specific yoga poses may target, and ultimately improve, certain health concerns.

We provide a list of the five yoga poses that will improve your health.


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1 Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Spinal Twist) – For Diabetes


In a 2005 NCBI study, scientists had 20 diabetic patients practice yoga over a period of 40 days. One of the postures that they were encouraged to use was the half spinal twist. The scientists discovered that, at the end of the study, the participant’s waist to hip ratio was significantly less. They also noted that there was a positive change in their insulin levels. They concluded that the specific abdominal stretching involved in this exercise was responsible. It helped to regenerate the participant’s pancreas and increase their metabolism of glucose in the organ tissue.

2 Manibandhana (Wrist Bending) – For Joint Health


Arthritis sufferers can benefit from this yoga exercise. In one study, 64 arthritis sufferers participated in a yoga program to discover whether or not joint bending yoga poses improved hand grip strength. The scientists discovered that at the end of the study there was significant improvement in joint function. One of the poses used was Manibandhana.

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3 Supta Virasana (Supported Reclining Hero Pose) – For Stress


This pose is used to re-balance downward moving energy and relax the muscles that tense from stress.  As a general rule, yoga poses where you stretch passively are the best for stress relief.

4 Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) – For Menstrual Pain


Scientists conducted a 2011 NCBI study which indicated that yoga can reduced menstrual pain. The researchers studied participants through three of their menstrual cycles. They found that a number of yoga poses assisted in reducing pain. Of these, cobra pose was the most potent.

5 Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations) – For The Heart

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A 2011 NCBI study found that sun salutations improve heart health. Sun salutations is a sequence of poses which stretches almost all of the muscles and organs in your body. Scientists measured heart rate and oxygen intake in participants who performed Surya Namaskar in four sequences. They found improved heart rate and increased oxygen intake after each round. This makes sun salutations good for the heart.


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