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Colostrum is breast fluid produced by humans, cows, and other mammals before breast milk is released. Believe it or not, bovine colostrum supplements are gaining in popularity due to their anti-aging health benefits.  Before you freak out and think we’ve lost the plot, you’re absolutely not expected to consume the human variety.

Makes Cells Strong

It has long been known that colostrum promotes growth and health in infants and newborn animals.  Ask any mom and she will tell you. Colostrum has been used for thousands of years.  There are even references to the origins of Ayurveda medicine that reveal its healing qualities.


Good for Us

Colostrum contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and specific kinds of proteins called antibodies. These antibodies are said to fight disease-causing agents such as bacteria and viruses. Antibody levels in bovine colostrum can be 100 times higher than levels in regular cow’s milk.

The idea of taking colostrum came from its strong antibody qualities. Then athletes started taking bovine colostrum to burn fat, build lean muscle, increase stamina and vitality.

Highly Nutritious

According to Healthline, bovine colostrum is nutritious and contains more nutrients than regular milk. “In particular, research shows it is higher in protein, fat, carbs, magnesium, B vitamins, and vitamins A, C, and E than cow’s milk. All the best anti-aging vitamins and minerals you need.

Colostrum’s claimed health benefits are mostly linked to specific protein compounds, which include:

  • Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is a protein involved in your body’s immune response to infections, including those caused by bacteria and viruses
  • Growth factors. Growth factors are hormones that stimulate growth. Bovine colostrum is especially high in two protein-based hormones, insulin-like growth factors 1 and 2, or IGF-1 and IGF-2.
  • Antibodies. Antibodies are proteins, also known as immunoglobulins, used by your immune system to fight bacteria and viruses. Bovine colostrum is rich in antibodies IgA, IgG, and IgM.”

Here are 14 excellent Anti-Aging Qualities in Colostrum Supplements

1. Reduces inflammation

Lactoferrin is a powerful inflammation moderator. It works to help lower the pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-6. In fact, doctors tested lactoferrin levels in a patient’s stool to help diagnose C.diff and inflammatory bowel disease (IBS).

2. Support a Healthy Gut with Colostrum Supplements

Not only does it reduce inflammation, but that lactoferrin acts as a prebiotic and stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the gut such as lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. It has also been shown to support the health of the gastrointestinal tract by promoting cell growth in the intestines.

This again helps to soothe inflammation and heal a damaged gut. So yes, bovine colostrum may strengthen your gut and fight infections in the digestive tract.


According to Dr. Will Cole, years of unhealthy food, toxins, and stress can lead to leaky gut syndrome. This is a condition that results in damage to the intestinal lining. “When this happens, undigested food particles and bacterial endotoxins known as lipopolysaccharides (LPS) “leak” into the bloodstream. This causes inflammation which increases the likelihood of chronic health problems such as heart disease and autoimmune conditions.

More studies show the goodness of colostrum

A smaller study shows the goodness of colostrum. The study involved 12 athletes who were susceptible to intestinal permeability due to heavy exercise. The study found that taking 20 grams of bovine colostrum a day prevented 80% of the increase in intestinal permeability experienced by those who took a placebo.

3. Reduces Upper Airway Infection In People who Exercise

Research shows that taking bovine colostrum by mouth for 8-12 weeks can reduce the number of episodes and symptoms of upper airway infections in people who exercise a lot.

A 12-week study of 35 adult distance runners found that taking a daily bovine colostrum supplement increased the amount of saliva IgA antibodies by 79%, compared to baseline levels. The researchers suggested that higher saliva levels of IgA may strengthen immunity and enhance the body’s ability to fight upper respiratory tract infections.


Another study of 29 male cyclists observed that taking 10 grams of bovine colostrum a day for 5 weeks prevented a post-exercise decrease in immune cells. This reduced the risk of upper respiratory infection symptoms compared to a placebo.

4. Strengthen immunity

When researchers gave oral lactoferrin to mice with suppressed immune systems due to chemotherapy and autoimmune conditions, they found that their immune systems were strengthened. In addition, their symptoms and the overall state of their autoimmune condition have improved. Lactoferrin works to boost immune-balancing T-cells and increase natural white blood cells which help to regulate your body’s defense against pathogens.

Lactoferrin has natural antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral abilities. By binding to viral and bacterial cells, lactoferrin is able to inhibit pathogen growth and prevent their entry into the body’s cells.

5. Prevents Infectious Diarrhea

Taking bovine colostrum appears to prevent infectious diarrhea from developing in adults.  It is also effective in children with a history of infectious diarrhea. It seems to be able to treat infectious diarrhea that has already developed in children. However, more research is needed here.

6. Reduces Diarrhea in People with HIV

Taking bovine colostrum helps reduce diarrhea in people with HIV.  Researchers have created a special type of bovine colostrum called “hyperimmune bovine colostrum.” This special colostrum is produced by cows that have received vaccinations against specific disease-causing organisms. The vaccinations cause the cows to develop antibodies to fight those specific organisms. Antibodies pass into the colostrum.

Hyperimmune bovine colostrum has been used in clinical trials to treat AIDS-related diarrhea. It’s also been used to treat diarrhea associated with graft versus host disease following bone marrow transplants and rotavirus diarrhea in children.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted hyperimmune bovine colostrum “orphan drug status.” Under the Orphan Drug Law, drug makers who invest in the development of treatments for rare conditions enjoy special market advantages; for example, permission to sell the drug without competition for 7 years. If these special incentives were not in place, pharmaceutical companies might not develop drugs for rare conditions because the potential market is so small.

7. Prevent Flu

Taking a specific type of bovine colostrum (Adcolostrum, Corcon srl) by mouth for 8 weeks may help prevent the flu. Included in people who have already been vaccinated against the flu and in people with heart disease who have a higher risk of getting the flu.

8. Promotes ligament and muscle healing.

These anti-aging colostrum qualities are powerhouses that promote muscle growth. It’s also effective with healing due to its high number of antioxidants and growth factors, including insulin-like growth-factor-l (IGF-I). Studies show that bovine colostrum supplementation can reduce oxidative stress and overall damage to muscles after exercise, making this a perfect supplement to support athletes. Additional studies also showed that 8 weeks of bovine colostrum supplements increased lean muscle mass and athletic performance. Research shows that colostrum supplements may be particularly effective in boosting immunity in elite athletes.


Early research shows that bovine anti-aging colostrum might increase athletic performance for some (not all) athletic activities.

10. Reduces blood sugar levels

Early research shows taking bovine colostrum might help to reduce levels of blood sugar following a meal. It may also help address cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

11. Helps Heal Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Lesions

There is also some early research showing that applying bovine colostrum to the vagina for 6 months helps heal cervical lesions in people with HPV.

12. Helps Children Grow

For young children who are not growing well, early research suggests taking bovine colostrum by mouth improves weight, but not height.

13. Colostrum Supplements Improve Thinning of the Vaginal Wall  

Other research shows that applying a cream containing bovine colostrum and other ingredients in the vagina may improve the thinning of the vaginal wall (vulvovaginal atrophythat occurs after menopause.

14. Reduces Dental Plaques and Aids Dry Eyes

Bovine colostrum may be used to help reduce dental plaques. It is also used to treat mouth inflammation associated with diseases like oral lichen planus and Sjogren’s syndrome. It can also be used to address dry eyes.

The Vast World of Anti-Aging Colostrum Supplements

Colostrum powder has a mildly sweet, creamy flavor. Adding colostrum to your beverages creates a cappuccino-like foam that is delicious.  You can also add it to your favorite superfood smoothies too!

According to Healthline, people who are allergic to milk should not consume bovine colostrum. Additional additives may also include other common allergens like soy.


Bovine colostrum may also contain antibiotics, pesticides, or synthetic hormones. However, you can purchase colostrum supplements that are free of these compounds.

According to Dr. Cole, if you would like to start taking colostrum, make sure to get a supplement that is derived from grass-fed cows and ones not given artificial growth hormones.

Ensure You Only Use Ethically Sourced Bovine Colostrum Supplements

Understandably, there is some concern about the ethics surrounding the sourcing of bovine colostrum.

Colostrum supplements are manufactured from pasteurized colostrum obtained from cows. This pasteurized colostrum is then dried into pills or powders. They can be mixed with liquids.

Is it safe?

Colostrum production is also not a perfect science. Some food safety issues have been noted. In one study, 8 of 55 samples of bovine colostrum contained traces of Salmonella, a potentially harmful bacterium.

This is why it is important to always purchase colostrum supplements from a reputable source. You should also contact the manufacturer for answers to specific questions related to sourcing and processing.

However, no serious adverse safety issues have been published, so more research is needed here. There’s also insufficient published research on whether supplements are safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Bottom Line on Colostrum Supplements

There are many human and animal studies suggest that ethically sourced, bovine colostrum supplements have many anti-aging qualities.  However, it is important to choose your supplements, powders, and colostrum products very carefully and ethically.


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Colostrum – its Composition, Benefits as a Nutraceutical – A Review.

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