Beauty Product Review. When it comes to the health of your skin, a moisturizing cream is an essential tool. This is because it helps to keep your skin hydrated and it also provides additional benefits – depending on the ingredients included. However, there also exist those creams that provide various functions at the same time – all in an effort to maintain the health of the skin, as well as provide anti-aging benefits. We have reviewed the Densitium rose Éclat – an anti-aging double-action cream from SVR.

Product Review: SVR Densitium Rose Éclat

French cosmetic brand SVR continues to specialize in skincare products from a treatment aspect. As a result, they’ve introduced an anti-aging dermatological treatment, that works to provide anti-gravity & anti-yellowing benefits.

What Does It Do For Anti-Aging?

The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin and as it’s supposed to help protect the skin, it goes through a lot. From renewing its cells to fighting against environmental dangers, it’s not long before this begins to take a toll on the skin. What’s more, the hormonal changes that accompany aging can also affect the structure of the skin, weakening it. Before long, one is left to dry and sagging skin, with accentuated wrinkles and fine lines.

However, the Densitium Rose Éclat from SVR helps to address the concerns that mature skin brings, and in doing so, it revitalizes the skin, all while strengthening the epidermis.

What Can You Expect From the SVR Densitium Rose Éclat Product? 

Yes, aging is an inevitable aspect of life but there’s no reason as to why one cannot age gracefully. In fact, just because your skin is going to age doesn’t mean that you should also allow it to age in a manner that compromises its health.

Thankfully, as a result of its revitalizing and redensifying ingredients, this double-action cream helps to address the effects of aging skin, which includes wrinkles, dullness, sagging, and yellowing.

What Makes It Special?

SVR Densitium Rose Éclat

The main ingredient found in the double-action cream is an ultra-fragmented version of hyaluronic acid. Loss of moisture in the epidermis is one of the effects of aged skin, and this is then accentuated with the appearance of dull and wrinkled skin. Thankfully, the ultra-fragmented hyaluronic acid helps to rehydrate the skin.

Another notable ingredient is bio-calcium which helps to focus on the health of the epidermis by strengthening it.

Lastly,  the double-action cream also contains pink pigments that help to address the yellowing effect that comes with aging skin. The pink pigments help to correct the color imbalance, which serves to leave one with a brighter complexion.

How Does It Work | The Science Behind It

The epidermis is responsible for protecting the health of the skin. So, if you have anti-aging concerns, it’s best to focus on the epidermis. This is because the aging process can cause a loss in volume, as well as wrinkles, and fine lines.

In addition to hyaluronic acid – which helps to rehydrate the epidermis – the double-action cream also contains an anti-gravity active. The active works to stimulate the production of collagen, which will help to firm the skin and combat the loss of volume. In addition to combating volume loss, collagen also helps to hydrate the skin and improve elasticity.

How Do You Use It?

Every morning, after cleansing your face, gently place a small amount of the SVR Densitium Rose Eclat to your fingertips. Following this, apply it to your whole face and neck from the center to the outside. 

Our Verdict?

If you’re looking for a competitively priced anti-aging cream that will help support your skin, then Densitium Rose Eclat with its dual anti-gravity and illuminating action is worth considering.    The key take out for this product are:

  • That it helps improve the density of mature skin.
  • Brightens and gives the skin a natural pink tone.  

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