Hugh Jackman: Journaling Protected My Mental Health

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When you think of hulking actors that ooze strength and power, you’ll probably think of Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman. While…
2 August 2022 in Celebrity, Featured, Wellness

Shania Twain: My 20-Year Battle With Lyme Disease Almost Ended My Career

Let’s go girls. Few songs have beginning lines that are as beloved and recognizable as the ones uttered by one…
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12 July 2022 in Celebrity, Featured, Wellness

Kristin Chenoweth: At 53, Botox Helps With My Chronic Migraines

When you hear Botox, the first thought to likely cross your mind are likely images of wrinkles and frozen, expressionless…
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5 July 2022 in Celebrity, Featured, Wellness

Travis Barker Shares His Life-Threatening Pancreatitis

Last month Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker had their incredible wedding in Italy and while the newlyweds have spent their time soaking in…
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24 June 2022 in Beauty, Celebrity, Featured

RHOBH Garcelle Beauvais: Living With Eczema At 55

She’s known for her roles on The Jamie Foxx Show and Coming to America, but there’s a side to Garcelle…
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Healthy Eating For Longevity


An Avo A Day Can Keep The Wrinkles and Aging Skin Away

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We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what does it do for aged skin?…

Corporate Wellness: Eating Well in Hybrid Work Times

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Two years have passed since corporate employees around the world made a sudden, mass exodus from their workplaces. Today, there…
Diabetes diet

10 Anti-Aging Foods That You Can and Should Include In Your Diet Right Now

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Throughout its history, human civilization is afraid of death and tries to prolong its life on Earth. Over time, a…

How To Use Your Senses To Make Mindful Health And Nutrition Choices

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Umeeta's Around the Plate in 6 Senses is a book that sheds light on how our senses can assist us…

Healthy Eating


male balding | Longevity LIVE

Why You Should Care About Oxybenzone In Your Sunscreen

blue zones | Longevity LIVE

Creating Your Own Blue Zones & Living To 100

geothermal | Longevity LIVE

Geothermal Waters: Can They Help You To Age Better?

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