David Sinclair Ph.D
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Quote Of The Week: David Sinclair Ph.D

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David A. Sinclair, Ph.D., A.O. is a Professor in the Department of Genetics and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn…
28 May 2021 in Anti-Aging, Celebrity, Mental Health

Prince Harry: Therapy Can Better Mental Health

The Apple+ docuseries The Me You Can't See, has celebrities having open conversations about their life experiences, featuring guests such as…
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26 May 2021 in Anti-Aging, Celebrity

Friends: Longevity Secrets From Your Six Favourite Pals

So no one told you life was going to be this great. While I'm more of a Living Single girl…
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18 May 2021 in Celebrity, Food

Miss Universe Andrea Meza, Talks Gender Equality, Beauty Standards And Veganism

Early this week, Andrea Meza was crowned the new Miss Universe. The annual competition was hosted at Hollywood's Simonile Hard…
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18 May 2021 in Anti-Aging, Celebrity

Wellness Wednesdays ft Zuraida Jardine

What is wellness? At a time when the word continues to be redefined to suit whichever trend is currently being…
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Healthy Eating

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Kauai CEO Challenges South Africans to Prioritize Their Health

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We all enjoy a good meal. However, it would be naive of us not acknowledge how the foods we eat…
Tammy Fry Kelly
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Tammy Fry Kelly Talks About The Booming Plant-Based Food Business

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The fact of the matter is that plant-based foods have taken over the world, and that includes the African continent.…
black garlic
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Black Garlic: What Is It and Could It Be The Key To Longevity?

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We all know about the health benefits associated with garlic. However, it seems like there’s a new kid on the…
Anti-Aging, Food, Sustainable Living

Try These Meat-Free Harvest Gourmet™ Recipes

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Did you know that Nestlé recently released a meat-free alternative range? The new range, Harvest Gourmet™, is a meat-free alternative…

Healthy Eating


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Why You Should Care About Oxybenzone In Your Sunscreen

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Creating Your Own Blue Zones & Living To 100

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Geothermal Waters: Can They Help You To Age Better?