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IV Supplement Drips: Is it just a wellness fad, or the real deal?

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It seems like these days, vitamin drips are all the rage. There are loads of different options when it comes…
17 February 2021 in Anti-Aging, Celebrity, United States, Wellness

Kevin Hart On How Mindfulness Is The Secret To Success

Kevin Hart is worth over $150 million, and he’s world-renowned as a stand-up comedian, actor, and producer. With such a…
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16 February 2021 in Anti-Aging, Celebrity, Food, Wellness

The Paleo Diet: What is it really?

There are lots of common misconceptions when it comes to the paleo diet. Often, people tend to view it as…
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10 February 2021 in Anti-Aging, Celebrity, Exercise, United States, Wellness

Tom Brady: Health Tips From The Super Bowl Legend

This past weekend, Tom Brady made his 10th Super Bowl appearance and broke history by getting his seventh Super Bowl…
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27 January 2021 in Africa, Celebrity, Exercise, Food, UK, United States, Wellness

An Athletes Vegan Diet: Is It For Me?

Going vegan can seem like a huge commitment. As humans, we’re all scared of change. But changing your diet and…
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The Benefits of Whey Protein

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Anyone interested in health and fitness food supplements may notice protein powders and other products appearing prominently. Several different protein…
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Exercise Tips to Keep in Mind when Adopting a Vegan Diet

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Deciding to change your lifestyle and adopt some healthy habits is arguably one of the most difficult things in life.…
Anti-Aging, Food, Medical Research, Wellness

Cancer and Sugar – What is The Link?

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This may surprise you, but the body doesn’t just use sugar to boost your mood and quench your sweet tooth.…
Anti-Aging, Food, Wellness

Coffee vs Matcha: Which energy boosting drink is better?

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When it comes to matcha and coffee, there are quite a few similarities. Both are used to boost energy and…

Healthy Eating


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Creating Your Own Blue Zones & Living To 100

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Geothermal Waters: Can They Help You To Age Better?


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