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Madonna Is A Night Owl, But Is Staying Up Late Really Bad For Your Health?

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Night owl? You aren't alone. Mostly, we tend to hear stories of celebs being up and at it early. They…
14 October 2021 in Anti-Aging, Celebrity, Featured, Wellness

Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Her Ultimate Wellness Hacks

If there’s one celebrity who’s the epitome of wellness, then it definitely has to be Gwyneth Paltrow. The 49-year-old is…
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12 October 2021 in Anti-Aging, Beauty, Celebrity, Featured, Wellness

Gwen Stefani’s Secrets for Aging Gracefully

Gwen Stefani seems to have hacked the system when it comes to aging. The singer has spent a long time…
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12 October 2021 in Anti-Aging, Beauty, Celebrity, Featured, UK

Dame Helen Mirren, 76, Shares Her Anti-Aging Beauty and Wellness Secrets

Dame Helen Mirren is a walking beauty and it’s clear that she’s not stopping any time soon. Having recently walked…
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8 October 2021 in Anti-Aging, Celebrity, Featured, Mental Health

Adele: Exercise To Manage My Anxiety Led To Weight Loss

Adele is back and she’s coming in with a bang. Gracing the covers of both Vogue and British Vogue ahead of the release…
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15 Clever Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget

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A healthy diet rejuvenates and prevents your body from different illnesses while strengthening you. Eating healthy and balanced meals consisting…
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Op-Ed: Are South Africans Eating Enough Fruit and Vegetables?

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The theme for Nutrition Week 2021 is “Eat more fruit and veggies”. Even though we know we need five servings…
Exercise, Featured, Food

Why Active Women Love Yoghurt

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Let’s face it, yoghurt is one of those happy healthy foods that give us all pleasure and it is so…
Office Return
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Office Return: 5 Ways To Shift Your Habits, Mentality & Vices

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From 19 July, the government dropped its formal advice for people to work from home where possible, now leaving it…

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