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The correct knife for the task at hand makes a huge difference both to your personal safety and to the dish you are preparing. However, it’s not just knives that make your plate better…

Keeping the kitchen working well takes a variety of tools and equipment. While a commercial kitchen has all the tools you could ever need to be combined with state-of-the-art ovens, chills, and all the ingredients you could ask for – what about your humble home kitchen? Just because you are not dining out doesn’t mean that you should suffer with substandard utensils. These kitchen tools will make your life easier and elevate your cooking skills so that food can take its rightful place among your priorities. Longevity Live Paid Content. 

What Kitchen Tools Will Make Perfect Dishes?

When it comes to home cooking, you don’t need the full set of tools you might find in the pro kitchen. Nevertheless, consider investing in the following tools to make it a pleasure to cook.

Knives and Sharpeners

The more you pay for a knife, the better it will be. A pricey knife is either from a well-known cooking brand or is made of tougher metal. The best type of knife you can buy to last longer are those with a full metal handle and blade. Any knife that has a wooden or plastic handle will eventually lose its usefulness as it wears away from the metal. 

As for knife sharpeners, many professional chefs use a rod-shaped sharpener or a plastic-based enclosed sharpener. The rod sharpener will wear out its grooves through regular use. It is also a bad idea to fill your kitchen with plastic, especially if you want to invest in kitchen tools that last. The obvious answer is a sharpening stone. This one tool can sharpen any knife and will last you the length of your life – or your knife. It’s convenient, simple, and effective.

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Tongs and Fish Slices, Spoons, and Spatulas.

If you only buy three utensils for your home kitchen, make it a pair of tongs, a fish slice, and a spatula. You can use tongs for 90% of your kitchen tasks, which is why you rarely see a professional chef without his tongs. There is one thing you should never use tongs to serve though, and that is your fish. If you try to pick up a nice soft piece of fish with the tongs, you might squeeze it too much or destroy the fillet. Spoons and spatulas are essential, but let’s not forget about the humble ladle.

Ladles and Metal Utensils

If you don’t have a ladle, a large serving spoon, a small cup, or a measuring cup might suffice. However, a solid steel ladle will likely last you a lifetime. Again, solid metal tools and utensils are preferred for your kitchen. This is because bacteria from foods can make their way into wooden utensils. Wooden spoons and chopping boards are more sustainable, but you should not leave them lying in dirty water in the sink. They could inject your dish with more than just flavor. 

Other Top Tips for Excellent Cooking

Upgrading your appliances gives you access to more kitchen gadgetry. A fridge that produces iced water, a robot coupe machine, a bread maker, or a pizza oven all bring their own tastes, scents, and textures to your food. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your palate. Even if all you eat each day is your comfort meal, you can use these tools to make it exemplary. 


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