Are you the one who is tired of being too thin? Is your self-confidence shattering because of your zero size? Then there is good news for you, you can gain weight within weeks if you read this article!

Gaining sometimes becomes as difficult as losing weight. People around the globe are conscious about their weight. Although being fat is not a good choice but being underweight is also not healthy and aesthetically presentable. That’s why a normal weight according to your height, age and gender is necessary for everyone.

Nature has provided us so many nutritious foods. If you include them in our diet wisely, they will benefit us in so many way. Don’t try food supplements without health expert’s advice. You can consult the best dietitians in Lahore for further guidance. Here are top foods that can help you in gaining weight:


An avocado has more than 200caloires that is a good choice to add in your diet. Avocados are full of potassium and fiber. They are a rich source of vitamin K. Their monosaturated fatty acid content makes them a healthy choice to gain weight. You can add them in your breakfast by putting them on toast or in your meals with salads.


Dates are rich with sugars, iron and fiber. They are a very healthy choice to gain weight as they are rich with nutrients. You can make milkshake of dates to include in your diet.

Dried Fruits:

A handful of dried fruits including nuts and raisins can give you 200-300 calories. They can be eaten in large amounts as they have less volume. They are also rich with many vitamins that are helpful for muscle development and gaining weight.

Whole grain cereals:

They are rich with fiber and unsaturated fats. That’s why they are a healthy option for you. These cereals have beneficial carbohydrates that’s why they are helpful in gaining weight. You can add them with milk or broth as you like.


Cheese is rich with protein, fats, calcium, and many calories. So full-fat cheese is a very good option for people who are looking for food choices for weight gain.


Pastas are rich with carbohydrates. That’s why they are a good choice to include in your diet. You can add cheese, cream, meat, mushrooms and chicken to increase the calories of this meal.


Bananas are rich with potassium, fiber and carbohydrates. You can eat 6-8 bananas to gain healthy weight. They are full of nutrition and help you in your weight gain journey.


Eggs are a famous diet of bodybuilders. They are rich with protein, healthy fats, and other nutrients. You can 2-3 eggs a day to gain weight in a healthy way.


Milk is full of vitamins, fats, protein and minerals like calcium. It should be in your daily diet. Its use can be in many ways from milk shakes to smoothies, you can use it. Or you can drink it like a simple glass of milk.

So include these 9 foods in your diet and within weeks see the results. Healthy weight gain is a good thing for your body.


Bella Edward

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