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The summer is getting closer, and in some parts of the world, the beaches are already full of sunbathers and swimmers.


This means beachwear fashion season is open! And if you think that your swim trunks from a few years ago and a raggedy straw hat will do the trick, well, think again! 


Even though we agree that simplicity is key when going to the beach, there are a few items you can’t do without. 


Here are seven beachwear fashion items every guy needs!


Swimming shorts


Without a doubt, the number one item for the beach is your swimming shorts.


You not only swim in them but also sunbathe, go grab a cold one, and play a round of volleyball. All this means that ordinary speedos won’t cut it. 


When buying swimming shorts, make sure you’d be comfortable walking into a store with them. What we’re saying is skip super-wide shorts because you don’t want to flash you-know-what to innocent bystanders. 


Generally, beach shorts end a couple of inches above the thigh and slightly shorter than your everyday wear, but if you’re more conservative, longer ones will do the trick too.


Regarding colours, you should try out bright colours and striking patterns, and since this is the only piece of clothing you’ll have on in the water, so there’s no risk of a mismatch.


A good t-shirt


Even though you’ll probably spend most of your time on the beach shirtless, you need a good t-shirt to cover up sometimes. Too much sun is never a good idea, and it’s also nice to be at least a little put together for your lunch at the beach bar.


We suggest either going plain and picking a few base colours for the summer or, if you insist on graphic tees, going with surf-dude inspired looks or tie-die. 


For a high-quality plain t-shirt, you can’t go better than the best quality basic tees from Fresh Clean Tees – all you have to do is pick a style and your favourite colours.


Linen shirt


Sunny warm weather calls for a linen shirt, making it the perfect ally for a week or two in the heat. 


Choose a loose fit for the beach and those moments when you want to cover up. Always go for light colours such as white, blue or pink as they’re much better for the heat. 


The beauty of a linen shirt is that you can easily transition from wearing it on the beach to wearing it to dinner. Pair with beach shorts on the beach and light chinos everywhere else.  


Beach hat or cap


You have to wear a hat on the beach, period. Nobody needs a sunstroke or a third-degree sunburn! 


And you’re in luck as you have a few great options to choose from. Want to look preppy? A brimmed Panama hat is your friend. If that’s too fussy for you, you’ll never go wrong with a simple cap. Get a plain one, and you’ll be able to wear it in the city too. 


And if you’re into bucket hats, you’re in luck because they’re very much back. Only make sure it works for you; otherwise, you’ll end up looking like a mope! 




You need a pair of flip-flops, slides or Birkenstocks. Nothing looks worse than a guy struggling with his sneakers or, even worse – boots on the sand. 


If you’re opting for flip-flops, we recommend brown or black as these colours will go with anything and will serve you outside the beach too. 


Birkenstocks are a little bit more formal and a great choice for guys who refuse to wear flip-flops, and sliders are a comfy version with a serious 90s vibe.


Beach tote or bag


Don’t carry your water bottle, book and towel in a plastic bag. We repeat – no plastic bags allowed!


You probably should leave your leather backpack or messenger bag at home too. And that’s where a beach bag or a canvas tote comes in. Easy to pack, clean the sand out and usually inexpensive. 


Get a little bit sturdier and ticker version to protect your belongings from the heat and wet hands. 




Last but not least, sunglasses. They protect your eyes from damaging UV rays and make you look ultra-cool. 


Your choices are endless here, but we recommend going for a wider frame as it will protect your eyes better and are absolutely trending this season.


If you prefer something more classic – police or Ray-Ban glasses are always a great option.


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