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Health is paramount for the overall well-being of a human. Hectic schedules and keeping up with work can cause us to neglect our health, which, in turn, can prove to be detrimental to our fitness in the long run. Since every single day counts when it comes to the nutrition, we must make it a point to consume wholesome and healthy foods – and include those known a superfoods.

The focus should be on imbibing all the nutrients and maintaining a balanced diet. That being said, certain foods can pretty much always be on your grocery list, as they keep your energy levels stable without disrupting your blood sugar levels. They are also high in essential vitamins and minerals, making them nutritious enough to always have around. Therefore, this article intends to provide you with a list of 7 superfoods you can indulge in on a regular basis for a healthy body and nourished mind.

Wood Apple

Wood apple, also known as Bael, is a fruit native to India. The fruit produced in the bael plant can be had in the form of a drink as well. The presence of a compound called tannin in the fruit helps in the treatment of different ailments, such as diarrhea and cholera. Apart from this, its consumption also enables the improvement of eyes and ears health. Bael is also a rich source of antioxidants, which ensures the reduction of gastric ulcers in the body effectively. Hence, not only is the bael fruit sumptuous, but can also prove to be a healthy and nutritious addition to your diet.


Making up for a great snack, they can be had at any hour of the day. Inculcate nuts such as cashews, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts and walnuts in your daily diet to witness a more nourished body, better brain power, and glowing skin. Not only are they instrumental in removing toxins from the body, but they’re packed with proteins, monounsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber, manganese, copper, and selenium. Known to aid the process of weight loss, nuts can lower the presence of cholesterol in the body as well. It is best to consume a handful of them every day in order to witness benefits such as the treatment of type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and inflammation. Take note: while these superfoods have a myriad of health benefits, they are also very high in calories, so, in the interest of your waistline, don’t overindulge.

superfoods | Longevity LIVEDark Chocolate

Who said that taste and health cannot go side by side? Dark chocolate is the best of both worlds, as this grocery item is not only delicious, but will also provide you with a number of health benefits. Being highly nutritious, the cocoa it contains is rich in nutrients such as manganese, copper, magnesium, iron and dietary fiber. It is also a good source of antioxidants, which facilitate the process of the removal of toxins from the body. Since dark chocolate is usually low in sugar, it is more beneficial than milk or white chocolate. Instead, consumption of dark chocolates is known to lower the blood pressure and invigorate the blood flow in the body. To reap the most benefits, opt for dark chocolate that is 75% or higher, and once again, moderation is key.


superfoods | Longevity LIVEEggs

A list of healthy foods is not complete without the addition of eggs in it. Not only are eggs easy on the pocket but are sources of an abundance of nutrients. By providing the body with a good quality protein, eggs help in packing the body with strength and muscles. Make sure you also eat the yellow part, or the yolk of the egg as well. The yolk specifically contains nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids and folate. Hence, the whole egg is not only a great way to ensure a healthy heart, but also a fitter body and a healthy living.

Top tip

Don’t throw away your egg shells, instead, crush them and add them to your gardening soil. This adds calcium to the soil, which allows your plants to grow quicker by building stronger cell walls. It is also a good natural pest deterrent, as it fights off slugs, snails and cutworms. Plus, it reduces your overall waste, and is a great form of organic recycling.


Broccoli is a green leafy vegetable, which should be a regular inclusion in your diet. This cruciferous food is a powerhouse of important nutrients that the body requires. Rich in a number of vitamins and minerals, broccoli provides the body with vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, potassium, omega-3, and beta-carotene. It is also a powerful source of antioxidants and thus cures inflammation in the body. Besides, it is also known to contain cancer-fighting properties as per a study and helps in maintaining the bone health in the body. Hence, add it to your diet to not just eat a delicious vegetable, but also a nutritious vegetable.

superfoods | Longevity LIVEAvocados

This fruit is incredibly nutritious and a source of wide-ranging benefits to the body. It aids the health of the heart by lowering the cholesterol levels in the body efficaciously. Although it is high in fats, these come in the form of HDL, which have many benefits for the body. Not only does its consumption provide the body with vitamins such as B, C, E, and K, but also help the body imbibe potassium and dietary fiber. According to a study, regularly eating it shall contribute to your eyes health and go a long way in preventing cancer from the body. Superfoods status achieved!


This fish variant is not only popular for its taste, but is considered to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet. As per a study, salmon is a boon for those who wish to cure their inflammation whilst reducing the blood pressure in the body. Its consumption ensures that the body imbibes essential nutrients such as protein, vitamin B, potassium, selenium, and antioxidants. Due to its high mineral content, salmon can aid the improvement of the bone health, thyroid function and the functioning of the nervous system. Opt for wild salmon over the farmed kind.

Final Words

Keeping up with your health does not have to be a difficult task. Food is medicine, and by knowing which foods provide you with which benefits, you can optimise your grocery list and diet to ensure you reap them all. A little-known secret: all foods are superfoods, if you use it right!



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