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Choosing the right underwear is one of the hardest things to do for many people across the globe. Could this be about a shyness of going out into the market and measuring your bra or pant size? Nevertheless, the pain and the irritation you get after buying misfit undies tells it all. In this article, you will learn all you need to know to get the right underwear. Let’s get started.

Factors to Consider When Buying Your Undies

The good news is that you don’t have to go up and down your nearest public market or store to get the right pants or bras. We are in a millennial age where we have all the collections you need over the Internet. With a click of a button, you can have what you want. There are many outlets like Ulla Popken which have all the styles you need according to your sizes. Here are some factors you should consider:

1.    The store

You should make your purchasing decision based on either online or physical store. Nowadays, purchasing at an online store is easier and faster than a physical one. In these stores, every collection is listed using its generic or brand name. This will make it easier for you to quickly purchase what you want within a very short time. Also look out for discounts and promotions in these online stores.

2.    Their price

Good undies are usually a bit costly depending on the material that has been used. However, there are stores out there that are looking for clients and are constantly offering discounts, giveaways, vouchers, and promo codes. Be on the lookout for such. Don’t go for cheap undies that can affect the health of your body. Remember this is the closest cloth you have to your body.

3.    The size

The importance of having a perfect size in your underwear cannot be overemphasized. A incorrectly fitting bra, for example, can do a lot of damage. A bra of the wrong size can cause neck and back pain, so always look for the right bra size. If your bra or pant is wrong-sized, you will not be comfortable in it irrespective of whether it is your best generic or brand name.

4.    The fabric

The fabric is another factor you cannot ignore having in mind the many fabric materials in the market used in making the garments. Man-made synthetic fabrics may not be so good to your body, especially when it gets hot. However, they are the best when you want a slimmer and smooth fit.

Undies from Ulla

When it comes to silk undies, well, you can preserve them for that special day because of their sexy and luxurious feel. They will give you the best feel in your special occasion. Natural fibers like cotton still remain the king when it comes to undies to both men and women. Cotton rarely causes rashes, chafing and yeast infections in women.

So how do you get the right fit?

•      Measure your hips and waist

You will be surprised by the wide range of choice of generic or brand names you will have if you perfectly know the size of your hips and waist. Of course, as a lady, you should keep a tape measure in your wardrobe. Then make sure you lay it properly on your skin when measuring. By doing this, you will be comfortable ordering the right size on various online stores.

•      Do a double check on your measurement

This will also help you avoid getting into sagging or very tight pants and lingerie. Try to bend sideways when doing your measurements. If the second time differs from the second one, conduct the third check.

•      Choose underwear that has a firm elastic

Make sure the waistband is firm and elastic. This will avoid the shame of lifting it up several times during the day to prevent it from falling. However, avoid any generic or brand name that makes pants with elasticized leg holes. These tend to bunch up and can keep you very uncomfortable.

•      Avoid very tight undies

You definitely don’t want bulges, lumps, and skin irritation from wearing tight underwear. If the underwear is leaving some marks on your skin, then it is too tight. It will suffocate your skin because of poor breathing, which will eventually make you sweaty.

•      Keep checking for rolling, sagging or bunching

Bunching can be very uncomfortable throughout the day and it can ruin your day, especially if you are in skirts or dresses. Before leaving the house, ensure you check for sags, rolls, and bunches on your undies. These could be signs that you need a new pair of underwear.

Take your time

Your body shape determines a lot the kind of lingerie and undies you can wear. Getting the right size with the right fabric could open the gate to having the comfort you have been looking for years. So take your time to choose your undies and take into consideration their generic or brand names you can trust.



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