One of the trendy ways to define your beautiful eyes is applying the eyeliner in a style that best suits you. Eyeliners give you the illusion that your eyes are bigger. We know the bigger the eyes, the prettier they look. Your eyes pop even without eyeshadow. Eyeliners give you a dramatic look even if your make up is simple.

If you feel like you need some tips and help on eyeliner techniques to improve your eye makeup skills, keep reading. There are several hacks and tricks you can use to define your facial features. Choose a style that is unique and not a style that follows the crowd. Here is a compiled list of eyeliner styles and different shapes of eyes.

How to choose the right eyeliner style?

The trick here is to consider skin complexion, age, eye color and your outfit. What is the point in working so hard on your eye makeup and then realising that it does not go with your dress. Your eyeliner must concur with your overall makeup.

It is important to understand what eyeliner styles best suit the shape of your eyes and your overall makeup. For instance, you are planning on having heavy makeup for a traditional occasion, then keep your eyeliner bold to align it with the rest of your look.

Accentuate your Eyes

Trace your lash line with a cream like consistent eyeliner. A soft smudge will give your eyes a dreamy look. Since your eyes are symmetrical, you can not really mess up your liner, it’s just that that particular style might not suit you. The easiest way to accentuate your eyes is to trace the natural shape of your eye and keeping it thick or not depends on the shape of your eyes.

Different Eyeliner styles

Of course today every creative style becomes fashionable and trendy. If i start naming eyeliner styles, the list will go on. Here are few styles you could choose from:

  • Enclosed eyeliner wing style
  • Double winged eyeliner style
  • Vintage winged eyeliner style
  • Swan eyeliner style
  • Long winged style
  • Neatly drawn cat eyeliner style
  • Natural eyeliner style
  • Peacock eyeliner style
  • Simple curved wing eyeliner style
  • Short winged eyeliner style
  • Smokey eyeliner style
  • Thick liner with thin wing style
  • Sharp winged eyeliner style
  • Eyelid covered liner style
  • Eyeliner with layered colors style

Different Types of eyes and Eyeliner styles

Are you a makeup geek? Then you will know the amount of effort and time that goes into getting your eyeliner on point. Cringed over your old pictures and your makeup? Here are a few tips that would help you rectify your eyeliner mistakes.

  • Almond Eyes: The easiest shape of eyes to deal with is almond eyes. A thin line of eyeliner going outwards to the outer corner with thicker liner and finally winging it. You can keep the wing as long as you want. Keep the liner as close to your lashes as possible.
  • Hooded Eyes: Fan of simple thin eyeliner and got hooded eyes? Okay, you need to change your style quickly. To make your hooded eyes pop you need to switch to thick liner with a wing. You are at the liberty to keep it as long as you want. If you like intense eyes then add some glitter to the inner corner of your eyes. This will help define your eyes.
  • Wide-Set eyes: For this kind of eyes it is important to define the inner corner of the eyes and maintain the same thickness of the liner till the outer corner. If you wish to wing your liner then wing it with the same thickness. Do not increase the thickness of the wing.

Since you don’t really need to wing your liner and you have already gone ahead with this step, avoid long wings. Just a small flick of the wing will do. Smoke out the lower lash line and you’re good to go!

  • Close-Set eyes: Y’all need to wing your eyeliner and need to keep it long and sharp. This will look absolutely amazing on your eyes.
  • Large eyes: People with large eyes can rock the smokey look! Therefore, keep it dark and bold. Large eyes already look stunning by themselves, you just have to make them look longer. Flick your liner about half an inch and you’re ready! Remember to line your inner lash line.
  • Round Eyes: Most professionals and makeup artists recommend people with round eyes to elongate the eyes and create a triangle-like shape. This will give you a cat eye look that most people desire.
  • Monolid eyes: Okay, you guys have to agree with me that monolid eyes are the most attractive type of eyes. Monolid eyes are so mesmerizingly beautiful that you can experiment with your liner here. You can keep it thick, you can keep it thin. You can wing your eyeliner if you wish. Totally your choice.

If you wish to do an intense make up, then forget to use some highlighter or glitter in the inner corners of your eyes.

  • Elongated eyes: Make sure you don’t make them look too narrow. Line the lash line and thicken the wing. Voila! You’re ready!

These are just a few suggestions and tips. If you have been doing it differently all these days and have been able to pull it off then continue with whatever you are comfortable with. Fashion and trend is all about comfort and how you pull off a certain look.

However, if you have doubts or willing to step out of your comfort zone then go ahead and try these hacks. Also if you have doubts about the kind of eyeliner product you should use then i would say anything will do. You can use a liquid liner, pencil liner or even a gel liner.


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