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Do you feel disappointed because you can’t seem to get the results you want in the gym? Or maybe you’re on a new diet but your body size stays the same. If this is the case, you may be training and dieting for a different body type than yours.

According to William Sheldon, a well-known physician, and psychologist, most people can be grouped into three main body types. His analysis was performed based on how the body handles fat and muscle gain, and a person’s general physical aspect. 

Based on Sheldon’s analysis, someone with a mesomorph body type is naturally muscular and has a moderate frame with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. They also have low body fat levels and can lose or gain weight easily. 

In short, mesomorphs are what today’s beauty standards would call “blessed” because they can get toned and sculpted with a lot less effort than other body types. Still, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in the work – it’s just a bit easier for you. Plus, if you don’t train and eat as it is recommended for your body type, you may not see the results you want. 

Protien diet
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Diet Recommendations For Mesomorphs

The mesomorph diet plan is all about balance with slightly more focus on calories and proteins. This happens because of their higher ratio of muscle mass that requires more calories to maintain. Also, mesomorphs seem to do better on high-protein diets but also need a healthy amount of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. 

According To Specialists In Nutrition, Mesomorphs Should Focus Their Diet Around These Three Food Groups:

  • Protein such as eggs, beans, lentils, high-protein dairy, white meats, and fish. These help with muscle gain and repair.
  • Whole grains and fats such as oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, olive oils, nuts, seeds, and more. The grains provide a full stomach sensation while the fats help with keeping your body healthy and strong.
  • Fruits and vegetables – best to choose whole fruits and vegetables with skins. These bring a healthy amount of fibers and vitamins into your body. If you go with the processed version, you’ll also consume extra sugar or salt which can throw your diet into overdrive.

However, if you live an active life, with plenty of exercises, some specialists will recommend a bigger size of carbs (40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fats). This ratio will provide enough energy in the gym and will help with muscle repair post-workout. 

Workout Recommendations For Mesomorphs

Extreme mesomorphs (people with a body type that’s closer to the definition) are naturally athletic and have a boxy body structure. They are also thin (without being lanky) and can easily gain muscle if they work out. In fact, most professional athletes out there are mesomorphs or hybrids of this body type. 

The fact that mesomorphs can easily build up muscles, also means they’ll feel more comfortable with weight and strength training than with sports that require endurance (such as running or cycling). Still, it’s important to diversify your training routine to avoid wear and tear from overtraining a single category of muscles. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to alternate weight training with bodyweight exercises, cardio, and flexibility and mobility. Cardio exercises help keep your heart healthy and improve blood circulation, which is why specialists recommend doing it at least once a week.

On the other hand, you also need flexibility and mobility training as these exercises to help with recovery and keep the muscles flexible while also taking care of the joints. 

Weight Lifting
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Your Body Frame Is Not Everything

It’s important to keep in mind that Wiliam Sheldon’s classification is more of a set of guidelines. Plus, many people have hybrid body types (a combination of two types), which means they are somewhat in the middle. 

Therefore, if you identify as a mesomorph, take these guidelines into consideration when choosing your diet and training routine. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t run a marathon if this is your goal. You just have to adjust the conditions and your routine to fit your body type. 

Plus, each body type can get stuck in an exercise rut because they migrate towards activities that feel natural to them. While this is not a bad thing (at least at first) it leads to mental burnout, which leads to a lack of exercise in the end.

In Conclusion

Therefore, it’s important to broaden your definition of exercise. For instance, you can give up the gym (for a day) in favor of a casual hike with loved ones. Also, Yoga and Pilates are extremely useful for flexibility. 

New types of activities will engage different muscles and will train your heart in a different way. Overall, it’s also important to build good daily habits that will keep you moving even without exercise.

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