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Dr Stephan Helary

Dr. Stephan Helary is the founder and CEO of Terres d'Afriques. Born and raised in Madagascar, Dr. Helary has deep experience across agricultural science, botany, conservation, and ecology. He has also devoted much of his time to economic development projects across Africa.Dr. Helary holds a Master’s degree in Environmental and Wildlife Management and a Ph.D. in Nutritional Ecology, with a particular focus on the Black Rhinoceros. His current focus encompasses ethnobotany and the biochemistry of indigenous botanicals, as well as their uses in local communities. His work is driven by a deep passion for conservation and an unshakeable love of the earth and its gifts. He is committed to demonstrating the power of pure, rare ingredients and to partnering ethically and responsibly with expert African producers and suppliers to bring those ingredients to the world. The name, Terres d’Afrique, is his act of homage and a constant reminder of the wisdom and beauty the “earth of Africa” provides. For more information, please visit