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Dr. Ahdev Kuppusamy

Dr. Ahdev Kuppusamy, M.D. is a double board-certified anesthesiologist and interventional pain specialist. His primary goal is to improve the quality of life of his patients and their families. Dr. Kuppusamy was born in Puerto Rico and speaks Spanish fluently. He completed a residency in anesthesiology and a fellowship in pain medicine at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Dr. Kuppusamy’s primary focus is placing patients’ needs first. His focus is also to treat patients with the same respect, compassion, and care with which he would treat his own friends and family members.  Dr. Kuppusamy believes in a down-to-earth approach to medicine and places the highest emphasis on the doctor-patient relationship.  He enforces that a physician’s major role is educating patients regarding their ailments and available treatment options. This, thereby, allows patients to make the best decisions on their medical care. Dr. Kuppusamy feels that the best part of helping individuals struggling with chronic pain is the opportunity to not only help the patients he is treating but to also change the lives of those around them. Pain affects every aspect of our lives and can prevent us from achieving a full quality of life. By eradicating pain, a person can return to a meaningful and fulfilling life. They can also more fully enjoy the precious time spent with their loved ones. Dr. Kuppusamy is committed to helping his patients live pain-free lives. Dr. Kuppusamy credits his father as being the most influential person in his life.  His father’s work ethic, dedication, integrity, and perseverance through the many life struggles he endured inspired Dr. Kuppusamy to continually strive for excellence.