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Longevity Partner Content. While we will always love a bold, bright lip and daring make-up colors, there’s no denying the power of the subtle, understated nude palette. This is especially true when it comes to achieving a make-up look that’s fresh and dewy. Not only is it easy to apply and to maintain throughout the day, but a nude make-up look feels natural and pretty. On top of that, it remains striking, and it pairs well with dewy skin, peachy cheeks, and nail colors in a variety of rose-colored shades.

With nude shades, you look perfectly polished, without appearing overdone

A nude make-up look does not mean you are barefaced. Instead, the colors you use are neutral tones that add definition to your face and emphasizes your own skin tone. These tones come in a palette featuring versions of sand, beige, tan and coffee, as well as other hues of peach, raspberry or plum colors. In short, your cheeks, lips, and nails look like the best version of themselves – whilst suiting your skin tone.

How to get this look

The nude make-up look’s most prominent trick is to make it look effortless. You want your skin, lips and nails to appear natural, healthy and just a little flushed.

Step 1

For good nude lips, it’s important that your lips are well prepped. Get rid of any dead skin by applying a light exfoliating scrub to your lips the night before. Then, seal in the new skin with a rich lip balm or cream before you go to bed. That way, you can wake up to an optimal canvas for a nude lipstick.

Step 2

After washing your face, reapply lip balm while you’re doing the rest of your make-up. This ensures they are soft and smooth – perfect for a good lip application. Go ahead and prep your skin. After applying your moisturizer, primer, foundation, and blush, apply your favorite nude shade to your lips. Depending on how polished you prefer it to look, you can use a lip brush, your fingers or simply apply it directly.

Step 3

Pair the lipstick, eye-shadow, and blush with a nail color of a similar or contrasting hue. Finish with a few swipes of mascara.

Now that you have the method down pat, what better way to get into the nude make-up look than to dive into a range that was made specifically with this palette in mind?

Ready to rock the nude make-up look

Introducing the new essence range, aptly named This Is Me! The range is available in over 20 shades of nude, making it perfect to mix and match. On top of that, each one of these colors has been adapted to different skin tones. As a result, you can color match your lipstick and nail polish. The key is to find a color family that pairs well with your skin. Whether you have fair, medium, tanned or dark skin, you can rock the nude make-up look as if it was made for you – because it was.

The lipsticks have a semi-matte feel, while it settles lightly on the lips. Not only that, but it will last for most of the day, and provides you with high coverage.

If you have been wanting to try some bolder colors on your lips or nails, this range is perfect for getting into it. This Is Me! ranges from very soft, natural colors that are so easy to wear, to deeply pigmented, bold colors in a nude palette.

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